Love with Every Breath


Sometimes we feel stuck.  Some people blame it on the stars, others blame it on where they live.  I’m currently stuck, this is the second day in a row I have sat down and not accomplished anything.  Okay, that’s a lie, I have accomplished a good caffeine buzz!  I’ve been endlessly searching for jobs because, yet again, I put it off.  It seems like no one is hiring.  Because my mind is so focused on that, it’s been hard for me to write.  I’ve been staring at the above picture for two days wondering what I will write.  When I feel this way, I feel as though I have nothing inspiring to offer.  I’m caught up in the negatives.

This picture, the last nature photo I took while living in Rock Island, TN.  I wanted to remember my favorite place to drive by.  There’s two little dogs that roam this part of the country, I named them Thelma and Louise.  It always made me so happy when I’d see them out and about.  It’d brighten my day to know that they’re doing okay.  I tried to rescue them once, I thought they were lost.  One of them threw up in my car, the other just wanted to go home.  I bought them collars so I could find the owner, they got away and I let them go.  A few days later, I found them back in the same spot we met.  I accidentally took them away from their home.  And that, my friends, is how having a big heart can get you into trouble!  I had to stop rescuing animals after that.


Sorry for getting a little side tracked, there!  When we get stuck, it’s important to open our eyes.  Especially when we’re stuck on the negatives.  What do I mean by that?  Become aware of where you are.  Don’t think about anything else, don’t think about later today, don’t focus on yesterday.  What is going on around you?  Here’s kind of what I mean by that:

  • I’m sitting in my favorite hide-away in the valley of Arizona
  • The trees around me, though they may not resemble TN, are green and gorgeous
  • Coffee and cigarettes
  • The conversation about forgiveness that the men behind me are having
  • The guy in front of me who has been reading intensely this whole time
  • The warm sun, cool winter breeze
  • I’m living my dream, I’m writing

Little things like this, can mean the world.  Focusing on something you’d normally over look, things that you see every day.  Be grateful for these.  What do you see that can bring you back to where you are?  Experience the moment you are in.  Love every time you take a breath.

-Elizabeth Ashley


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