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Recovery Week Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of my little recovery week I have going. A day late, but as promised, here is my little update for what I’m doing to recover. 

I started my day by ignoring my alarm clock and letting myself sleep in. Sometimes, you just need to. Especially when you medication keeps you up all night. 

I enjoyed my coffee, spent my time outside in the morning and then did my little morning routine as best as I could. I woke up with intense motivation to get shit done. So, I did. 

As you might remember from a previous post, this is what my living room looked like since I moved in. I collected all the cardboard boxes since day one. I became, crazy box hoarder lady. It was not fun. My excuse was they were too big to throw away myself, I could use them for art projects, or my favorite, I don’t mind them there. Truthfully, I did mind. And I wondered every day when I would get those boxes out of my living room. That day was yesterday!

It took maybe a total of 10 freakin minutes to move them all into storage. I am going to reuse them when I move, of course! That big one is still in there because I’ve declared it my creative space. It’s where I paint and make a mess. Also, do you not see how damn big that box is?! I’m tiny and clumsy! And it’s full of smaller, more annoying boxes. So, it’s gonna chill for a while. At least I don’t have to buy a coffee table!

I don’t have a before picture on my new phone for this one but, I cleaned my kitchen! For me, a clean kitchen is always step one to recovery. I love my kitchen, and when it’s clean it’s easier to start my day off right. And, continue it right throughout the day. As many times as I go in there for coffee, it’s gets pretty messy quickly! So, I’m proud of myself for this one. 

I also did some light grocery shopping to help me out. I bought some healthy fruits and some organic frozen pizza, the irony just makes me laugh. 

I also bought myself some flowers. Since I’m in recovery for depression, the smallest things matter. It was about $5 for the sunflowers and $2 for the others. Well worth it to brighten the next few days for me! 

Now, I’m almost done with Day 3. I still have some more progress to go, most of what I’ll be doing today will be put into its own little blog post. But I’m excited to continue sharing what makes me recover smoother. 

I’m still taking things as they come, each day as it unfolds. That’s pretty much all you can do during recovery. You have to focus on the present. Don’t listen to thoughts about the past, don’t listen to thoughts about the future just yet. If it helps, set a date when you start focusing on the future again. But take care of yourself in the present moment. This will greatly benefit anything you could do for your future self.



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