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Created to be Misunderstood 

Some people were created to be misunderstood. And that’s not a bad thing, I believe some of the most interesting people are those who are not understood. Like, Lady Gaga, for example. She’s authentic and completely her own. She’s been through pain only a select few may understand. 

As for me, I was without a doubt created to be misunderstood. Between my depression, anxiety, ADD, PTSD, positive outlook, creativity, abusive past, and just my all around personality I was never meant to be easily understood. No one understands mental illnesses, except for other people with mental illness. No one understands creativity, because it’s unique to each person. No one understands abuse, except those who have suffered through it. And no one understands having a positive outlook on life while having depression, not even myself. 

I don’t mean this in a whiny, feel sorry for me I’m misunderstood, way. I mean this as an inspiration, embrace the parts of you that go misunderstood. These are the parts of you that make you needed in this world. 

Help us understand these parts of you, let them shine! Help others who are afraid of the parts of them that make no sense. Let them know they aren’t alone. You understand why they can’t let go of that toxic person, why they feel like self harming. Let’s let each other know we don’t suffer alone. We’ve got each other’s backs. We’ve got this shit. 



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