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My Mental Health Morning Routine

**I am not a professional, this is just one of the many things I find helps me stay focused and going throughout my days.**

You can find a list of where I bought these items at the end of my post. I do not get paid for sharing these items, I truly love them. 

Excuse the mess on the table but, this is what my day normally starts out like. Of course, after about 2 cups of coffee and a few cigarettes. 

I’m about to share with you the morning routine I try and make sure always gets done in order for my mind to be clear. It helps me to check in, I can look back on progress, and it reminds me of things I need to tell health professionals. This is by no means a cure all. As someone who has anxiety, depression, and ADD, my mind gets jumbled up real easily. This keeps me going forward. 

I start my mornings off by recounting the day before. Yes, it’s the past but, it happened. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what happened yesterday. I write down my 10 things I’m grateful for from the day before. 

When you have depression and everything is numb, it can feel as though you’re not living in reality. This helps me to stay focused and feel as though yesterday really did happen.

Sometimes, my lists are just one word things. Sometimes they’re detailed. Occasionally half the list will say coffee. Whatever you’re thankful for, no matter how small, write it down. For me, as a reminder to keep my faith first, I start with what I’m thankful for that God has blessed me with or has done for me. But, if that’s not your thing, maybe try to start each day out with the number one most important thing. Even if it’s coffee. 

I usually try and keep my planner as clean as possible, but I took it outside and got coffee on it. Then, when eating dinner I dropped some noodles on it. Oh, well. 

I absolutely LOVE this planner. It has a cute little quote at the beginning of each day, and it always has a spot for gratitude. One of the most important things you can learn. Unfortunately, it’s the weekend so it’s not showing how awesome the daily set up is but, I’m sure I’ll post a photo in the future. 

I sometimes get over detailed with my planner, I love writing out every little detail my morning routine requires. As well as my night routine. 

I’m trying to get better at not overwhelming myself with my to-do list so, I kept it simple. Today, my best friend is having her 2nd baby and I get to meet her! Other than that, my goal is to clean up my living room and that messy table! Also, I’d like to pay rent. Get it out of the way! 

This is by far the most detailed part of my mornings. I created a mental health bullet journal, I saw the idea on buzzfeed. And recreated it with my own personal touch. There are 3 parts of this missing from the following photos. Those are:

1. The “fuck it” page. This is where you write down what has absolutely pissed you the hell off. 

2. Therapy Notes. I didn’t include this because after I got done crossing out the personal details, there’d be nothing left to show. But it’s a place to write down a summary of your appointment, what to remember, tough things talked about, and what to talk about or work on for next time. 

3. Food tracker. This part is obviously boring but, your mental health can be affected by your diet. If you’re wondering if it is, keep track of what you eat. You may be surprised. 

This is the Monthly Habit Tracker. When depression hits, it can be difficult to do even the simplest of things. Taking a shower becomes impossible and brushing your teeth is just forgotten about. This will not only remind you of what to do, but you feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve gotten to a point you can check off that you’ve done it. 

I use it to track daily things like my routines, my medicine, personal hygiene, and my moods. I like to check in on my moods once in the morning and once at night, as I’m taking a couple different medications, my moods tend to sometimes change drastically between morning and night. 

The pages to follow, I write down any detailed notes about anything that may have affected something. Like, why I’m feeling anxious or what happened when I drank. 

The daily done list! It’s my favorite because I’m such a huge fan of to-do lists. I write some in the morning, most of it at night. Just write down the things I accomplished that day. Makes you feel good. 

And we’re back to gratitude! Seriously, one of the single most important things to change the way you look at life. I like this because I can easily look back and see what I have been greatful for throughout the month. It helps me to pick just one thing I’m grateful for and makes me dig a little deeper than just, coffee. Although, still, sometimes it’s just coffee. 

And, to me, the absolute most important thing in my morning routine. I save it for last so that way I get everything else on my mind out of the way to focus on this. Right now, I’m doing a bible verse a day that relates to anxiety and depression. 

I highlight the verse in my Bible, write it down, pray for clarity and understanding, and then write down how that verse relates to my life. Pretty simple and it gets my day started off right. 

If you’re not a Christian or you don’t have a specific faith, I suggest maybe getting one. No, I’m kidding! While my faith means the world to me, I understand we all view the world differently. Maybe a self help book would be a good way to start your day? Or maybe take what I’m doing with bible verses but find an inspirational quote instead. Then, write down how it relates to your life. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I might even try it! 

These are just the inner working things I do each morning to help myself grow and remain in check with my personal life. It’s keeps me mindful of the progress I’m making and aware of myself. I highly recommend creating a little time for self reflection in the mornings. It makes a world of difference. 


Grateful Journal:

Planner and journals for mental health and bible study: Target


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