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Reasons to Stay Alive

Before I write this, I would like to say that I am not currently suicidal. This is just to inspire others to make their own lists. Recount their blessings. 

1. God has a purpose for me. 

2. My friends are my family. 

3. My nieces. 

4. I want to feel love again one day. 

5. I want to have a baby of my own some day. 

6. My fur baby. 

7. My grandma. 

8. First dates with someone you actually like. 

9. Butterflies in your stomach. 

10. Traveling the world. 

11.  All the books there are to read. 

12. All the songs to sing. 

13. Football games. 

14. The words I’m destined to write. 

15. The people I’m destined to meet. 

16. The ocean. 

17. New tattoos. 

18. First kisses. 

19. Being with someone you love. 

20. Having an emotional connection with someone. 

21. Learning. 

22. Laughing.

23. Art. 

24. Coffee, damn I didn’t put coffee until now? 

25. More coffee, I feel bad for coffee. 

26. Gilmore girls. 

27. Movies

28. Standup comedy. 

29. Concerts

30. The tears to cry

31. Emotions 

32. Coloring my hair 

33. Online shopping.

34. Kittens. 

35. Growing old and telling stories. 

36. The south. 

37. Rain

38. Sunny days

39. The mountains 

40. Snow

41. Smiles

42. Starry nights

43. Art museums. 

44. Sleep

45. I’m just really sleepy. 

46. Sarcasm

47. Singing worship at church

48. Doing something nice for someone

49. Being that asshole that ends “pay it forward”

50. Passionate kisses from someone that means the world to you. 
I challenge everyone, depressed or happy, to write out at least 50 things to be passionate about. To live for. Be grateful for even the smallest of things. 



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