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And I’m Doing It Again

I haven’t been very good at this whole, not dating, thing. And, honestly, I’m not very good at the dating thing, either! However, the stories are too good to not be told and I have yet to learn my full lesson. I will try my best to not make fun of anyone else other than myself. Unless, they did anything like biker guy, then they deserve it. Although, as always, I will not use real names nor purposefully intend to harm another person.

Yeah, I was called out by a previous date that I wrote about. I hadn’t said anything badly about him, yet he didn’t like that he found out I was not interested by reading my blog. Unfortunately, I can’t change the past, only learn from it. 


Oh, where to begin. 

I’ll start catching you all up by telling you the story of the “man” that made me want to quit all men. Forever. 

I had decided to meet this guy after briefly talking to him on the OkCupid dating app. We both liked coffee, so we decided Starbucks would be a great place to meet. Unfortunately, the only Starbucks he knew of was in a grocery store but, it’s okay. I went along with it. 

I parked my car to text him that I was there, then he pulled up beside me on his motorcycle. I believe it was an Indian. Anyway, his beard was so long that he had it in a ponytail and, his hair long enough to put in a perfect man bun better than my years of ballet buns could ever teach me to do. I walked up to him, said it was perfect timing. 

We sat down with our drinks and I listened to mostly him go on about his crazy stories and his travels. He was living a life I’d only dreamt of living. I was so interested. When we were done with our coffee, we literally went grocery shopping. He need coffee creamer, I needed toilet paper. It was a win, win. That is, until his weed started to smell up the whole damn grocery store! Like, seriously, who takes an eighth of weed on a date to a grocery store? Probably stoners who are taking their dates to grocery stores…

We walked out and I was ready to give him a hug goodbye and be on my way. Sure, I wished we could have hung out longer but, the date seemed over. I have him a hug, and he invited me back to his place. I thought to myself, “why not? This guy doesn’t know me he obviously isn’t going to try something.” WRONG. 

I found myself in my first Netflix and chill session. Well, the first one with someone I didn’t know nor wanted to be “chilling” with. He held me down, made me cuddle with him as we watched standup comedy. I let him have the cuddling, guy wasn’t getting more than that. Then, he started making out with me. I told him multiple times, no. But he kept on persisting. I had a difficult time standing up for myself because I did honestly like him, but it was getting way too physical for me. I smoked a cigarette, and then left. 

The next day I was in the area again, thought I’d stop by and say, “hi.” Bad idea, again. We talked, catched up, and then he started giving me a back massage. There’s no way in hell I could have said no to the first back massage in a year! But, I should have. Because he took that as a sign to, well, put his hand up my skirt and grab my ass. While I’m telling him, no. I smiled, pretended I was playing hard to get, and kissed him goodbye. I then convinced myself that what had happened was perfectly normal. Totally okay. Even my best friend, who was on all sorts of drugs after having a baby, said she didn’t blame him! Probably not the best person for advice. 

Later that night, I realized biker guy had crossed a line. He broke multiple boundaries with me. And I was just letting him! I was being ridiculous! I got mad at myself, wondered why, again, I didn’t see what was happening while it was happening. I even ended up offering him a second damn chance! How stupid do I have to be?

Anyway, biker guy is history and I’m continuing on my dating journey. Who knows where it’ll lead, if it’ll lead anywhere at all. I mean, OkCupid is like online shopping for a partner. Why not just keep browsing? Not for me, I don’t want to keep browsing but, I know my fair share of people who do. 

I have a date tonight, guys. Wish me luck!



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