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Some of the Bullshit People Tell You is Actually True

“Just take your dog on a walk, get moving, go outside, take a walk.” 

I can’t tell you how many times someone’s advice has been to take a walk. Why in the hell would I want to take a walk? That’s boring, I’d much rather sit on my ass while doing nothing! It’s not gonna help, either. I have this one particular time out of many other times that a walk induced anxiety. So, therefore, because of that one time walks do not help me. 

“Do it for Warren, your fur baby.” Okay, now you’re just manipulating me. You know what? No. I’m not gonna take that damn walk. There’s people and other dogs and I just don’t want to. Leave me alone in my misery or give me another option! 

However, they were right. I fucking hate it when other people are right when handing out cliche advice. But, I guess it’s cliche for a reason, huh? I looked at my dog this morning, looked at the potty pads on the floor, the things my dog has recently started destroying, and I said enough is enough. So, I decided to give this whole, walking thing a try. 

I got up this morning, I took Warren for a morning walk. We walked in a new way so that I would not get bored by seeing the same damn thing every time we went out. It was actually helpful to both me and him. I got to wake up in a healthy and refreshing way, Warren got to shit on flowers and make me laugh my ass off. He truly is my dog. 

My day continued to be productive from there. I can’t believe it’s only 2pm! It feels much later. And we’ve been on 2 walks today already! 

I went out and ran so errands, when I got back I immediately took him for another walk like any normal apartment dog owner would. It was nice and refreshing to be responsible enough to take him for another walk. 

I even cleaned up my patio a bit and let him come outside with me for once. He minded perfectly well, until other dogs walked by and he didn’t like that. Until I find a way to keep him from crawling underneath the wall, he goes back inside when he acts up. But, I could tell he’s already happy to be included in my life again. This whole walking thing really works. 

However, I don’t want to walk around without purpose. So, I’m creating a little challenge for myself. In the mornings, it’s okay to just walk and be mindful. Enjoying the fresh morning air. During the day, we will do shorter walks, but each time I will have to grab something from my car and bring it in. Today, it was outdoor pillows. At night, we walk to the mailbox to check the mail. Usually just junk, but that’s okay because it’s our longest walk of the day. 

I’m getting better, I’m making healthy improvements. I’ve been to a bar twice without having a drink. I’ve been cleaning and taking things a day at a time. Soon, I’ll be better than I ever was before. Just wait and see! I’m excited. 



2 thoughts on “Some of the Bullshit People Tell You is Actually True”

  1. It’s true and exercise and being outside has always made me better. It’s hard to get started but once you start, it works better than any med anyone can prescribe. Took me too long to figure out too. I’m too stubborn for my own good at times. Take care and keep walking 🙂.


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