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Today is the Day

As I look out my window today, with the cool November breeze blowing through the screen, I know that America will never be the same again. The best we can hope for is that our daily lives may change for the better. 

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most educated person on politics. Most of my knowledge comes from memes and a very Hilary-sided Buzzfeed. I still have my own mind, I don’t let what I read influence my thoughts, but I let what I see influence my vote. 

Trump has not won me over. At best, he will just be a puppet whose strings are pulled by knowledgeable politicians. But I can’t bring myself to vote simply on “the lesser evil.” 

I don’t want future generations, I don’t want my nieces, to grow up with a president who believes it is okay to say, “grab them by the pussy” and then dismiss it as “locker room talk.” I can not and will not vote for someone who mocks people with a disability. As someone who is currently not working and able to support herself because of her mental health issues, I want a president who is understanding. I can not morally allow myself to vote for this pathetic excuse for a man. 

However, that leads people to think I will vote for Hilary. Well, no. I will not be voting for Hilary. As a woman, I believe it is time for one of us to be in the White House but, not her. I am first and foremost a Christian, secondly I’m a proud Navy Brat. I can’t vote for a woman who believes in abortion. I believe that it is murder. I also can’t vote for a woman who’s responsible for deaths of our own people. 

So, that leads me to vote for the other guy, right? Well, I’m not sure. I’m going to vote today but, I’m going to do research on him. I’m going to look into his stances and see what I agree with and what I do not agree with. If I agree with a lot, then I will vote for him. If not, I might just write in someone’s name. 

I believe my vote matters, but not in the presidential election. I believe that is already sorted out for us. I do believe in the importance of local voting, though. This is why I’m making my way to vote today. 

The most important issue on my mind, the one I mostly feel strongly about is Recreational Marijuana. As you roll your eyes, “of course the 22 year old jobless girl wants to sit around and smoke one all day.”

Well, you’re wrong about that. I want it strictly for medical use, however I can’t afford to get a medical card. I want previous marijuana charges dropped. I don’t know if that will happen, but it should. I want to be able to not take my adderall in the afternoons and instead smoke a bowl.

It relaxes me, it calms my racing mind. It’s an antidepressant, anti anxiety, and it helps with my ADD. I want to be able to smoke something natural to benefit my mental health than taking 4+ medications hoping that one will work.

I hope you all go and vote, no matter who or what you’re voting for, it is important to believe that you have a say in what happens. We all can stand up and fight for what we want. 



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