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America, What Have You Done? 

I am a Christian, I am a Navy Brat, I am a Republican, and I am afraid. I am also an abuse survivor, a woman, I have mental health issues, and I am a survivor of rape. I am truly ashamed in America at this current moment. 

While I must say, I’m not a fan of either candidate, nor did I vote for either one, I’m not sure we elected the “lesser evil.” I know many Christians who voted for this sorry excuse of a man. And I am ashamed.

Why am I ashamed and even hurt by this election? Because it’s a slap in the face to all of us who have struggled. My own parents voted for Trump, and they don’t know how badly that hurt me. 

He sexually assaults women, he hates people of color (even though he’s not white, but orange), and he makes fun of people with disabilities. My own mother, a woman who’s disability was once denied in court, voted for a man who at the beginning of this election openly made fun of people with disabilities. 

By allowing such a person to be our president, it shows that my faith in humanity was way overestimated. This shows that the majority of America still believes that “men will be men” and it is okay for vulgar “locker room” talk. It shows we do not care for people unlike us, it shows hate and anger. It says to me, America doesn’t care that you were raped. It says to me, America doesn’t want to help those in need. It says to me, mental abuse will continue in this country for many years to come. 

I don’t want the next generation to look up to such a person that was once in a Playboy video. Hell, the man couldn’t even help a boy lost alone in New York. Sorry, I use humor in times of pain. But nonetheless, I am afraid that young men will grow up continuing to believe it is okay to treat women with such disrespect. 

I do not have a child, but the fear I feel already for them is great. I can’t imagine what those with children feel like today as they watch such a disgusting person become president. 

I will respect from now on, that he is my president. I can’t change that, and I honestly hate to show any disrespect to anyone. Even someone so vulgar and disgusting as him. 

The only way to fight this hate that’s taken our country, is to show it love.

Love. Trumps. Hate. 



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