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Be The Light You Wish To See

It’s easy to accept things as they are. You see something online, scroll past it, it has no affect on you. However, I had an eye opening text conversation with a man I’m just starting to get to know. His view on the whole situation surrounding our new president matches mine, we need to fight with love.

As someone who has been in a position of abuse, I realized early on that it gets you no where when you fight back with the exact same thing the other is fighting with. It only adds fuel to the fire. It makes situations worse, it can not help. Those of you fighting back against hate, good for you. Although, I encourage you, please do not fight back with more hate. 

I’ll admit, when I see a funny meme on facebook, I’ll share it. Especially if it has to do with downing Trump. But that’s because I love to find humor in everything. It helps me to process things. But that by no means makes this a light thing to handle. 

The way to fight back, is to love your neighbor. To love the muslims, love people of different color, love women and men, to love without condition. I do not hate trump, I do not hate anyone. I strongly dislike some people, yet you will rarely find an ounce of hate in my heart. 

I encourage you, give that dollar to the homeless man, volunteer, speak out in love and respect. Hold the door open for that woman, and women, hold the door open for that man! Be kind, generous, and compassionate. Love is what makes life great, love is why we are all here today.

Love. Trumps. Hate. 



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