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Grateful and Humble

As I sat here with my best friend, my fur baby, I read the comments on one of my pieces that was published to The Mighty. I am so touched by the emotional responses that were posted on the comments. People sharing their struggles, how they relate, and even how they disagree. It was amazing to see that over 400 people had shared my post, and even more had “liked” it. 

I’m not happy because of the number of likes or the many times it’s been shared, but because of the people it’s touched. Even if only 7 people had read it, I’d be grateful that my words may have possibly helped those 7 people. 

But to see something you worked on, poured your heart into get so much attention, it’s shocking. 

I began writing on my blog again with one goal in mind, to inspire. My previous attempts at blogging did not succeed because they were not correct. I was not meant to be blogging about what clothes I wear, nor what the best way is to clean make up brushes. I was not meant to style other people’s hair and worry if my lipstick had smeared across my face after eating a burger.

I was meant for more, I was meant to share my heart and soul. I was meant to open up and to love others. I long to bring a sense of community to the world, to end stigma of mental health, and to bring light to those who only see darkness. 

Remember, we are not battling anything alone. We have each other, even if we may have never met in person, we have to be strong for one another. Spread love, compassion, peace, and understanding. The world needs it. 



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