A Letter to My Sister

Dear Traci, 

You are such a wonderful, strong, inspiring woman. Thank you for sticking around in my life. You have shown me that love and happiness come from helping others, but also helping ourselves. 

You were there every time my world felt like it had ended. You picked up the pieces of my brokeness and handed them back to me. You made sure I was the one to put them back into place, but you knew how much it meant for you to pick them up for me. 

You have been a best friend to me. You have made me laugh until I’ve cried. You have drank with me, and watched Luke Bryan shake his ass with me. We’ve gone on adventures and you’ve given me horrible advice with the best of intentions. You’ve also given me life saving advice. 

You have been a sister to me. You’ve given me clothes, you’ve spent coffee dates with me, you’ve invited me into your family. No one has ever made me feel quite as important as you have. I know that no matter what, I will always have a family thanks to you. Your sister is my sister. Your husband is my brother-in-law. Your daughters are my nieces. You’ve made me feel included, loved, and cared for. 

You’ve been a mother to me. You’ve been a shoulder to cry on, and motherly advice when needed. You’ve even had people ask if you were my mom. I wonder what they’d say if you said yes, like, “damn she’s a hot mom of a 22 year old.” You’ve given me a home when I had none. You’ve given me comfort and you have fed me. You’ve told me to get my shit together, yet you’ve always helped me in doing so. 

You’ve been a lesbian lover. Okay, not really. But there was that one time when we got drunk and we gave each other hickies. Anyway, you’re my Wifey. You’re saved in my phone as Wifey. You gave me an engagement ring, to keep all the creeps away. But it was more than that, it was the start of a lifelong friendship. That was the moment when we came up with the idea of being wives but having our own men. It’s worked out pretty well. And anyone else who is reading this paragraph is probably going, “what the fuck?” Let them wonder!

I met you at Dillard’s. My first thoughts were, “Oh, she doesn’t seem like a bitch! Oh, she likes anime. We’re gonna be best friends, aren’t we?”

From day one you had my back. Even during my reckless days of calling out “sick” and you had to be the one to cover my ass. Anyone else would have hated me for it, you understood. Within a week, I was maid of honor status. I’ve always felt comfortable with you. You’ve always made me feel unique and special. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. 

I was there when Mira said her first cuss words. I took her to daycare, I’ve picked her up from daycare. I’ve taken her out to dinner and I’ve had her sit in her room watching Frozen on repeat. One time, I convinced her to go to bed at 7pm. But I love that little girl. She’s my best friend. I’ve been there as she’s grown up, I’ve helped take care of her. 

Now, you have a husband and a new little girl. Things are a little different, I’m not needed as much anymore. And I’m thankful for that. That means you’ve grown as well. Which you have. Im still here any time you need me, for whatever. I plan on being around to take Mira to get her first tattoo and to give Novalee hell about her first crush on a boy. To laugh at all the ridiculous things said and done. 

I can not even begin to tell you just how much you mean to me. It’s impossible. You have literally saved my life. You’ve taken care of me when I was sick. You’ve woken me up to a cup of coffee. One time, you woke me up to a bag of chips. You found out the hard way that it does not have the same affect. 

You let me be myself. Without judgement. You’ve been there for me when I needed you, always. You never judged me for the mistakes I’ve made. You’re always there for me, and I just hope I’m there for you enough. 

I can’t put enough emphasis on the fact that you truly have saved my life. You were there for me when I was homeless, when I had no one. You’ve always been a person I can trust. You keep me alive even still today. I never imagined I’d have a friend like you, but thank god I do. 

I look up to you. The way you care for others, the family you have. You’re creative and powerful. You’re strong but accepting of help. You know your weaknesses and you know your strengths. You’re confident. You’ve help me become the woman I am today. Thank you. 

Your sister, 



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