A Letter to the Man Who Has No Idea He Saved My Life

Dear favorite person,

We met under interesting circumstances this year. I had no idea how much of an impact you’d have on my life when we met. I didn’t think much about meeting you, figured you would be just another person I got along with for the night and then never heard from again. But, oh, was I wrong. 

You and I both know that we’ve had a unique friendship from the beginning. One I never thought I would have. One I thought would end in one of two ways. Either, things would turn out fairy tale perfect, or I’d be heartbroken. That was not the case. While I admit, you have broken my heart a couple times, it was always from a place of friendship. Because, friends can break your heart, too. 

Since the beginning I’ve called you out in trying to friend zone me. You’ve even done things to make us not be friends anymore, and in our short time together there was even a moment when I never wanted to speak to you again. But, eventually we found our way back. 

In the beginning of our friendship, you showed me just how caring you actually are. I got kicked out of my parent’s house with no where to go and ended up having an entire Netflix binge watching weekend with you. We seriously need to do that again, it’s been too long since we’ve hidden away from the world with some ice cream. 

You helped me find places to temporarily live until I could get into my apartment, you’ve picked me up from the airport each time I’ve come back home. You had a taco and Netflix night with me when I was just comepletely fed up with the world. We’ve gotten drunk, on several occasions, and just enjoyed each other’s company. 

You didn’t run away when I was at my worst. I’ve begged you to come over and help me, sometimes you do, other times you don’t. You’ve been my place of happiness and fun in these times of darkness and isolation. 

I truly am thankful to have you in my life. Even though you fell asleep while Cheap Trick played at a concert. You still went so I could see Joan Jett. You’re my best friend I can talk to, you’re my best friend I can cuddle up with and feel safe. We can spend days together and have fun running errands and dragging you to ikea once a month. Even though I have no money, I still kinda want to go back just to annoy you. You want the best for me, and I want the best for you. 

Thank you for being my friend, thank you for being the man that you are. I love our friendship and I hope to continue enjoying time with you. You bring me out of the darkness, and you don’t put up with my bullshit. Thanks for unintentionally saving me from myself. 

Also, in case you are reading this, can we please go to the casino next month? I know you say I shouldn’t go, but I really wanna go! *sad puppy face*

Your friend, 


P.S. You still owe me dinner. 


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