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A New Kind of Thanksgiving

For me, the holidays seem to bring along some bad vibes. I try and stay as positive as I can, but sometimes I just get down. Remembering the good holidays, the times I was around loved ones, this year is very different. It’s just me and my parents for Thanksgiving. This was normal for me growing up. But now, it kinda makes me sad. 

So, I’ve been challenged to come up with new traditions. Something that’ll make me happy, and can become one of my own little holiday traditions. 

When you’re facing the challenge of creating new traditions, especially if you’re on your own, you can come up blank. I mean, it’s hard to think of something to do alone on Thanksgiving other than watch a sad Christmas movie and cry into your ice cream. So, I came up with my own little list of ideas. 

Make plans ahead of time

Don’t wait around for the day of Thanksgiving to figure out just what the hell you’re going to do. Try to come up with a plan before, get excited for it!

Decorate for the holiday

Get in the spirit, make your apartment or home feel warm and welcoming. Do little crafts or something to make the place feel a bit more like home. Or, at least get something from the dollar store that’s shaped like a pumpkin. 

Watch Movies

Curl up and watch some movies, have a movie marathon! Watch Christmas movies or just some of your favorites. 

Have a friendsgiving

Or, invite some friends over for a little after dinner get together! Have everyone bring some dessert and enjoy spending time together before you all go off Black Friday shopping! 

For me, I plan on going to my parent’s house for dinner and then coming home to have a few friends get together and just hang out. Honestly, I’m a little nervous. I really didn’t want to hit “invite” on the facebook event. But, I did. I’ve never, ever hosted a damn thing in my life. So, I don’t know what I just got myself into! 

Enjoy your Thanksgivings everyone! 



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