To the Guy Brave Enough to Date the Emotionally Abused Girl

She’s waited for you for a long time. She might even still be waiting on you. But, she knows good doesn’t come easily so, she doesn’t mind waiting for you. She’s hoped for so long that you’re out there, somewhere. 

There’s a few things you need to know before you get her hopes up. If she’s anything like me, she’ll already have her hopes up thinking, “this could be the man that finally treats me with respect.” But just because she’s hopeful, doesn’t mean she’ll be easy to win over. 

You need to know her past. You need to acknowledge that this is something deep and important to her. Because, well, you won’t truly be able to understand her without knowing her past. Her past is what made her into who stands before you today. 

Talk with her about it, let her open up to you. Listen when she starts getting quiet, those are the words that hurt the most. Be patient, be kind. And whatever you do, never use these things against her. 

She’s been taken advantage of, she’s been mentally messed with. She’s been manipulated to believe she’s crazy or that she’s done something wrong when she hasn’t. She’s been told she’s worthless, she’s nothing. And she struggles every day to not believe those things. 

But do not confuse her for being weak. No, she’s not weak. She’s the strongest most compassionate person you will meet. She will love so deeply once she trusts you, she will make you wonder how in the hell someone could ever say anything bad to her. What a beautiful mind she has. 

Show her how important she is to you. From the very beginning. Make an effort, no one has ever done that before for her. She’s not your typical girl. She’ll apologize for nothing, she’ll constantly worry about how you feel. Make her feel loved, protected. These are very rare in her life. Go out of your way to show her she means something to you. Don’t be afraid, be kind. Be loving. Be gentle. 

Show her how wonderful she is, and she’ll do everything in her power to do the same. 



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