Choose Happy

I’ve seen a lot of posts downing the fact that people say to just choose happiness. While I understand that for people with an illness it’s difficult, it’s still helpful. And it’s the one thing that’s helped me most. 

I’ll be the first to admit, there are days I call my sister crying because I just don’t see the point to life anymore. I get lost in the darkness, I can’t see any form of happiness. And being told to be happy just angers me. If I could be happy, I would be! But that doesn’t mean that on the days when you aren’t in the darkness, you still can’t choose happy. 

Yesterday could have easily been spent in complete solitude. Just myself, running errands and chilling at home. But, I knew I wanted to be happy. I knew that stopping by Target on my way home to buy Christmas decor was not going to make me happy like I convinced myself it would. So, I actively chose to be happy. 

I went over to see my sister and her family. By sister, I mean best friend ever. I got to see her new little baby girl, I got to hug my 6 year old niece. We spent time laughing together and just hanging out together like we used to, it was much needed. 

Now, I’m faced with a choice. And I hope I chose the right one. There are two paths I could take. One full of safety and knowing what’s coming next. The other, comes with a little risk but, the happiness is so much greater. And I have to make this choice for myself. Not worrying about anyone else’s reactions to it, those are not my responsibility. My only responsibility is to be respectful and kind. 

Life is full of choices. The choice is usually, are we going to react positively or negatively? I try my best to react positively to everything life throws at me. Sure, it may not be possible to always be positive, but trust me, it’s worth the effort. 



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