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Slow Mornings

When you wake up late and in a grumpy mood, it can be hard to get things done. Add Bipolar ll on top of that and it can seem near impossible. Now, if I were in a hypomania episode, I’d be done with everything I wanted to do by now. But, I’m in a mixed episode, or mixed state. Which means half of me wants to accomplish things, while the other half wants to sit around and drink coffee while being miserable. It’s not fun. 

So, after spending a good solid 2 hours out on my patio, drinking coffee and drawing, I’ve decided to kick my own ass into gear. I’ve got shit I need to do today, things that can’t be put off, and things that require me leaving my lovely apartment. My safe place. 

I have to drop off some prescriptions, which isn’t that bad. But, since I have to go somewhere new, it’s making it seem like a hassle. In reality, it won’t take long. But, in my mind, it’ll be the worst thing I do all day. But I have to do it. 

After that, I need to do some laundry. I have a pile of sheets in my corner that is bothering me. I don’t know why they’re there, but they need to be cleaned. So, I’m going to do that today. On top of that, I need to call about getting my car fixed. A whole bunch of things that need to be done. Well, really, its three things and they seem overwhelming. 

Today would have been easier if I had gotten to wake up at 7am and have my morning coffee with my boyfriend. But, it’s time I teach myself how to be productive even when things don’t go perfectly as planned. One of the hardest things I’ve got to overcome. So, how do I plan on doing it?

I’m going to tell myself I got this, I’m going to look at Pinterest to find inspiration for a cute outfit that’ll make me feel good, I’m going to tell myself that I WILL do things, and then I will do them. Even if it takes me all day to get the courage to pick up the phone, I’ll do it. There are no excuses today. To keep me going, I’m going to remain hopeful that I see my man tonight. If not, I know I’ll be okay. 

Take things one day at a time. If you’re struggling, limit yourself to 3 things you NEED to do. Don’t worry about the rest. We all got this shit. 



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