A Letter to my Dear Friend in Tennessee

As I’ve been watching the sun rise this morning, you’ve been on my mind. We weren’t very close while I lived in Tennessee, but the memories I do have with you are filled with your smiling face. Your laughter. You’re such a bright, beautiful young woman. And I hope you know that. 

You trusted me to tell me some of your secrets. One of them being your depression. I want you to know, I’ve been there. I understand. And I’ve got your back. I know I’m not always the best at responding to text messages quickly, but I will always respond. 

You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, know that. The best advice I can give you is this: 

Find out who truly cares for you, cut out anyone who brings negativity into your life. 

Graduate, go to college. Even if its community college, or online college. Continue your education. 

Find out what your relationship with God means to you, not what people are telling you it should mean. 

And finally,

Never stop loving yourself. Treat yourself. Spoil yourself. Care for yourself. Let yourself enjoy the little moments in life. Let yourself love. 

I hope for the best for you. I’m always here for you. You’re a strong woman. You’ve got this. And I’ve got your back. 



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