I grew up in an emotionally abusive home. Nothing I did was ever good enough. I was never good enough. Then, I found myself in a worse situation with an emotionally abusive boyfriend. Whom I lived with. After him, I thought I’d never love again. 

While single, my life was turned upside down by a Bipolar ll diagnosis. Along with that I have anxiety and PTSD. For a while I felt like I was just a ball of mental health issues and caffeine. That all changed the day I met him. 

He cooks for me. He takes care of me when I feel sick. He tells me stories when my mind won’t stop. He holds me tight. He loves my dog. He even reminds me to take my medication. This is the man in my life, now. The one I want to stick around. 

He believes I deserve these things even when I can not see that. He spoils me even though I believe I’m not worthy. He still thinks I deserve better than him, but I don’t see how it gets any better than him. Not at all. 

I never thought I’d meet a man so supportive, so loving of me. I never thought I’d meet a man who got coffee every time I did. I never thought I’d meet a man who is still interested despite my mental illnesses. 

I’m a damn lucky girl. 



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