I Want To Be Better

I lost sight of my goals, my work. I let one little set back push me so far behind that I gave up without realizing it. Well, it’s officially 2017 and this year is the year to get shit done!

My life is starting to get back on track. I’ve got myself a man, I’m applying for jobs, the low air pressure light for my tires is off, and my living room actually looks like a damn living room. Things are getting better but, I feel like my writing has been lacking lately. Some days are good, others I can’t bring myself to write. This right here is hard for me, but I choose to just let the thoughts flow. 

I want to take care of my blog as if it were my little baby, because it is. I love this blog so much and I want that to start showing. I want to be able to have a plan for what I’m going to write, a schedule to follow, and maybe even a slight income from it. I’m being honest with you all. Its the dream to be a full time blogger/writer. But I can’t do that without some sort of income. 

I promise I won’t get sketchy on you. If I’m being paid for a post, you’ll know. And I always write what is on my heart, always. I don’t ever lie or stretch the truth. If I get close to doing that, it’s for humor’s sake. Everything will remain honest and raw. 

I hope to continue to build a better blog for my readers, something inspiring. I can’t wait to start my journey to fulfilling my goals and dreams and I hope you all enjoy the ride right along with me! 

Happy New Year! 2017, we’re ready for you. 



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