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Positive Energy

When fighting mental illness, hell, even in just normal daily life, we face a lot of negativity. Like, a lot. Whether it’s your neighbors disrespectfully yelling at each other, or Trump being the president-elect, there’s negativity everywhere. 

The other night, I was sitting outside enjoying a night to myself. I was all sorts of inspired to write and do all kinds of cool things. And then, negativity found its way into my night. My neighbor was yelling at, what appears to be her now ex-boyfriend, to get out and “fuck you.” I didn’t want to let this negative energy seep into my night, but it did. It triggered some PTSD for me. I used to have similar fights with my ex-boyfriend. Only, he was the one yelling “fuck you.” Okay, okay, I said it a couple times too. We’re not all perfect. 

Thankfully, I’ve created some positivity within my own home. Mostly, there’s one corner in my living room that I’m slowly turning into kind of a meditation/yoga corner. It’s the corner I face when I’m doing yoga. And that night, I went inside and did some yoga. The positive energy of that space helped me overcome my PTSD and the anxiety that sometimes accompanies it. 

I am the worst, absolute worst at paying attention to detail. But, in a positive energy corner like mine, I’m practicing paying attention to detail. This means, making things pretty! At least for me. Now, I’m not saying we all need to go and create a yoga corner. But, why not create a space in your home or room to where you can just feel the positivity by looking at it? 

I chose this yoga mat long before I lived in this apartment. But, I chose it based on how it made me feel. And how cheap it was (thanks, Amazon). The design made me feel like it was a bit unique, not so dull like a solid colored mat. While I’d still love to have one a bit more unique, I’m happy with this for now. It’s all about how the things you look at make you feel inside. 

I also have this sign that says, “Good Vibes Only.” While I love the sayings I have on this, I can’t help but remember where it once used to hang. In my old house with my ex. It’s taken a lot of debate, but the fact it cost me $70 on one of my “I’m pissed at my boyfriend” shopping sprees, I decided to keep it. I accepted the fact that the reason I bought it was to have a huge reminder for my ex to just chill the fuck out. It has new meaning to me now, though. It reminds me to create good vibes, only allow good vibes. 

Another couple tips that are much more easily obtainable, essential oils, aroma therapy, and crystals! Okay, before you roll your eyes at me thinking, “God, she’s gone hippie on us,” let me explain. 

Essential oils are more commonly used today as ever before! And there’s a reason! Although, I have not yet found that reason. I wished I had realized that BEFORE I decided to spend over $100 on some oils. Anyway, they do smell good and I have noticed some effects. Like my favorite, frankincense and lemon. It helps me to remain focused and energized. Or, lavender, which helps soothe. 

Aroma therapy, I’ll admit I don’t know much about any of this shit. But what I do know are the certain smells that help me relax. For me, my favorite is Rose. But, more popularly, lavender is a good scent. That’s why this bottle of lotion in pictures above. It’s lavender scented and is such a great stress reliever for me. I like to incorporate it in my nighttime yoga, or rub some on my arms and shoulders after a yoga practice. Helps keep the calm longer. 

And lastly, crystals! Okay, stay with me here. Crystals are fucking pretty. That’s it, I love looking at them. Maybe you find Pokémon cards pretty to look at, put those in your positivity area! I don’t care! I don’t judge! For me, I used to collect rocks and crystals as a kid when I traveled. So, I continue that tradition when going certain places. I don’t believe in the “healing powers” of crystals, not to say it isn’t true. I have no idea. But what I do know? They bring back happy positive memories for me and I like them. They sparkle. 

You have got to know that I couldn’t end this post without mentioning coffee!! I love my coffee, it’s a part of my life. It makes me happy. Drink (or eat) things that make you happy. Whether it’s coffee, tea, hot coco, or Jack Daniels. Although, with everything (especially that whiskey) consume in moderation. Don’t drink Jack like I drink coffee!

I hope this helps to inspire you to create some positivity in your lives. How do you plan on creating positivity? It can be anything, I’m curious to know! Comment below my lovelies!



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