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I’m In Recovery… Again

My favorite quote is, “healing is not linear.” God, is that the truth. But what’s also true is that I am healing. I’m in what I like to call, recovery. For me, it’s those moments in time when I’m no longer depressed nor hypomanic. I’m just neutral, I’m good, I’m myself, normal. Sure, there are still little things that are wrong and sometimes it still gets hard to function but, it’s a much easier time. 

My moods went from a Depressive Episode to a mixed state. Then, on to hypomania and back to a bit of a mixed state. Now, I’m in recovery. Again. It’s a great feeling being here, just feeling like I’m okay. I don’t know if it’s just a part of the roller coaster, I can’t tell if this will end and I’ll be depressed again, but I choose to enjoy it. 

Being in recovery isn’t easy, it takes work to maintain this. So, here’s what I’m doing to help keep myself in recovery. 

1. Routine.

I set up different routines for each part of my day. I admit, I’m not the best at sticking to them but I’m giving it a try. My morning routine is easiest to stick to, same with my day. What I tend to skip most is the self care aspect of it all. The washing your face and putting on makeup stuff. That all depends on my moods, usually. Eventually, I’ll get better about doing them no matter how I feel. But, it takes work. 

2. Educating Myself. 

I’m spending a good amount of my time reading this book on Bipolar ll. I’ve got other books like this one, one for depression and another for anxiety. This one is my favorite because it’s all of my problems combined into one. I think it’s so interesting to begin to understand how my brain works due to the mental illnesses that follow me. 

3. Yoga

Yoga has helped me so much on my journey to being in recovery. Honestly, without it I don’t think I’d be where I am now. Any exercise is good for you, but what I love about yoga is that it not only helps you physically, but they spend time on helping you mentally as well. Why not give it a try? Look up a video on YouTube, what’s the harm? Maybe you’ll like it!

4. Painting

I’ve started painting random finds from Goodwill, branches, rocks, little boxes from Michael’s. It’s something that’s calming and doesn’t require much brain work, you can just get lost in it. No having to plan out and try and paint a picture, that’s not my thing. It’s nice to just take something old and dull and turn it into something beautiful and new!

What helps you on the road to recovery?



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