I’m Fighting Back

Today started out great. But, slowly it began to fade. I wasn’t moving, I wasn’t doing anything, and when I tried to do something I instantly got discouraged. This triggered my depression. 

I started to think I’m ugly, started to feel like my writing wasn’t worth it, started to feel as though nothing mattered. I almost let it win. I laid on my bed with my dog and just closed my eyes. I didn’t do anything, I let the thoughts go. Then, I had one thought that wouldn’t leave. “Sometimes the world gets to be too much for me.”

This thought inspired me to start writing. And what I wrote inspired me to write something else. I wrote to depression and basically told it to fuck off. I decided it best to submit that piece to another blog but, if you are interested in reading it let me know in the comments!

While just telling depression to fuck off helps, its not the only thing I’m going to be doing. I’m going to take active steps to lessen my depression in hopes that I do not fall into a major depressive episode. 

Wish me luck. 


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