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It’s Okay

Why is it socially acceptable to stay home and play video games when you’ve gotten a cold, yet when you’re depressed, you’re lazy? 

Feeling a bit under the weather has gotten me thinking about this. I’m even calling myself out on it. When I’m depressed I feel as though I should still be doing things, acting normal. Yet, feeling sick with a cold I’m totally accepting of the fact I need to rest. Why is this?

Symptoms of a cold: fever, runny nose, sore throat, chills, headaches, lack of energy, etc. 

Symptoms of depression: lack of energy, headaches, negative self talk, suicidal thoughts, self harming actions, overwhelming sadness, loss of appetite, feeling numb or no emotion, etc. 

One can kill you, the other, not so much. 

I sit here right now and wonder, why are we so hard on people trying to fight for survival? I’d much rather pretend everything is okay when I have a cold than when I have depression. But, depression isn’t seen as valid. 

If I were to have a physical illness, one that you could see, that might kill me, you wouldn’t expect me to go to work everyday at a minimum wage job. No, you’d expect me to do everything I can to stay alive. Why is it different with depression?

Right now, I can’t handle a job. I don’t know if I will ever be able to again. I don’t know when or how bad my next Depressive Episode will be. But I’m still expected to carry on as if nothing is wrong. 

What kind of fucked up logic is this?



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