What I’ve Learned About Being Overwhelmed 

Being overwhelmed is a lot like being depressed. It takes the energy out of you, it makes you not want to focus on the important things, and it just emotionally drains you. Self care is so important when you’re overwhelmed, just like when you’re depressed. 

During the last few days, my routine has gone out the window as well as my motivation. I don’t want to deal with anything because I’m still processing the change taking place in my life. I’ve quit painting, I’ve found it difficult to write, I’ve quit planning, I’ve quit cleaning. I was doing so well before a new dog showed up and now it’s like it’s all gone. 

However, it’s not all gone forever. Yesterday I was able to hang up laundry and clean up the bedroom a bit. While I did take three naps, I got some stuff accomplished. The day before that, I did two loads of laundry. I’m not completely at a stand still, I’m pushing myself to do what I can when I can. 

I could very easily lay on the sofa all damn day and not deal with the dogs. That’s what my natural coping system is telling me to do. But, I’m getting up every now and then to deal with them and deal with life. 

You have to take things a moment at a time, don’t push yourself too much. 


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