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Something Was Seriously Wrong After All

Yesterday, on our way to Sedona, AZ, I got a phone call from my new psychiatrist. She was calling with test results from an ADHD test she had me take. She told me my results were “exceptional” and that she even had to call the company for the testing just to make sure of the accuracy of the results. 

What’s the outcome? Well, I don’t have ADD/ADHD at all. I have slight hyperactivity that is probably caused by anxiety, and that’s it. Since June I have been on at least one stimulant, sometimes two. I have been treated for ADD for no reason. This begs the question, do I really have Bipolar Disorder, too?

I’m off of my ADD medications and my antidepressant. I’m feeling much better being on an antipsychotic and an anticonvulsant to help stabilize my moods. It’s a miracle that I’m off of these meds as my last psychiatrist wouldn’t even consider letting me off of them. 

This makes me wonder, how many people out there are being treated wrongly? How many people don’t want to do the research they need to in order to find the right psychiatrist? 

My advice, if your psychiatrist feels more like a legal drug dealer and not a therapist, look for someone new. The quality of your life depends on it. Trust me. 



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