I’ve Had A Problem Lately

My problem is small, but oh so exhausting. What’s the problem?

I can’t do a damn thing!

Like, seriously here guys, I just can’t seem to do even the simplest of things. I have a hard time even writing anymore. Which, if you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed by now. 

Let me know if you relate to this, because I feel so lost and alone right now. What are some of your tips for getting going again?

For me, it’s like a war within my mind. I, the person I am, has all these productive thoughts wanting to get everything  in order and be brilliant. However, there’s another voice in my head telling me, “no, stop.” This voice, sadly, is winning. 

Yesterday, I went and bought things for a Valentine’s Day surprise for my boyfriend. Eventually, I did the dishes and I set up the surprise. That was all I could accomplish. I did write a blog post, finally. But I could hardly get through doing anything. 

Today, my biggest accomplishment was not getting illogically angry when I had made popcorn and was ready to sit down and play video games, to find out the system no longer works. I’m very proud of myself for that. But, now how do I manage the anger that comes with this war in my mind?

I feel so guilty, so ashamed that I can’t do anything. I hate it. I want so badly to write and to be productive and to live my life yet, I just can’t seem to get it done. I get all excited to do something and then this voice is like, “nah, dude it’s not worth it.” Or, “you’ll give up anyway.” 

Please, to anyone who may have advice, comment below. I’m desperate for some help!



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