Today, I cried. Again.


I panicked today.  Over something so small, so insignificant.  And that panic is still with me, being projected onto my surroundings, my relationship, anything.  What I mean by that is, loud noises, other people, and fake problems within my own mind have me worried.  I’m at a coffee shop that usually calms me, but now, I’m on edge. Not only that, but, I feel like I did something wrong in my relationship and that my boyfriend is mad at me, when I’ve literally done nothing wrong. I don’t have any logical reasoning to feel this way at all. So, why is this panic still with me?

It all started when my negative thoughts that were gone this morning came back in full swing.  Then, my phone froze and just broke on me. I felt so desperate to get it fixed, I felt so worried that if I did not solve the problem right at that moment, my boyfriend would text me needing me to pick him up and I’d never know! I got ready real quick and started on my way to the tmobile store completely out of my way just so i could go to this coffee shop. And now, I can’t even fucking enjoy it.  I just want to sit in my car and wait for the text to get Steven. I don’t want to be around people. I can’t even finish writing this.


I’m lost.



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