Redirecting Focus

I don’t like writing about my goals anymore, they don’t always get accomplished and that makes me feel like I’ve let you guys down. But, I do want to write about what I’m quitting. 

Mental health self-help books. 

It’s gotten to a point where I’ve shut down. I’ve lost it, I’m stuck. I’m at the point of rereading a book I’ve already read on anxiety because guess what, it didn’t work the first time. Truth is, I don’t need all the workbook activities it offers. I know I need to eat better, think more positive, and do yoga along with breathing exercises. The problem is, I’ve spent so much time reading about these things, and not doing them. At all. Not one bit. 

So, I’ve got a few ideas up in my head of what to do next, but I’m not sure yet. If you’d like me to share my new recovery plan once I get there, I will. But I don’t know how well I’ll stick to it. That’s where depression often comes into play. But, I will fight it off best I can. 

These books may be life saving to others, but I’m unique. This isn’t how I need to go about it. I need to experience life, not just sit around and read about how to stop some thinking I can’t even control. I need to ignore it, work past it. I need to be better than the intrusive thoughts that sometimes come into my mind. They’re here right now, wanting me to trash this post, but I’m going to keep going. 

I thank you all for the support I’ve received so far. I hope to gain more, and I hope to inspire others with my journey. Thank you again. You all have helped save me. You’ve all played a part in my recovery. 



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