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Good Morning!

Today is a new day. Today, we have the power to choose whether we continue with the old of yesterday or embrace our new beginning. And what better day to do that then a Monday!

Before I continue, I understand that some of us do not have this power. Some of us are stuck or tied down to our depression, our anxiety, our disorders. And that’s okay. But, I want to encourage you to do at least one new, positive thing today to help move forward. 

Do what you can, and be proud of it. 

I struggle a lot with this. Who knows, my coffee may wear off and I’ll be back to how I was yesterday. But, I don’t want to be there anymore. I want to have the strength to fight against these thoughts I’ve been having and kick depression in it’s ass and throw it out of my mind. 

Even writing this, I still have negative thoughts. “Don’t tell them your plans, you won’t follow through.” “I’ll be here to haunt you all day.” “You’re lazy as fuck.”

I can’t promise I’ll have the strength to get through this today. Maybe it’ll be tomorrow, maybe it’ll be months from now. But, each day I will fight. And I will fight hard. 

What are some ways you fight against depression? What’s worked for you in the past? For me, I’m trying new things and would love advice. 



5 thoughts on “Good Morning!”

  1. some beautiful thoughts here. I fight depression thinking about loved ones, thinking about love, I fight depression by spilling it onto the page and making it mine. Its an on going fight I’ve learnt to win, and I know you will too x


  2. Movement has always pulled me from the depths whether it be yoga, walking, dancing. Being in nature always helps set me back into a balanced rhythm as well and within the last couple of years I’ve found meditation to be so healing. It used to be a nightmare for me to sit with myself in silence but now its very soothing and helps me transition my mind. Somedays I just need rest which can be a challenge because resting doesn’t always feel like an accomplishment but I work hard on building my truths stronger than my illusive thinking. Keep preserving, Elizabeth!


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