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A Little Bit Of A Push Doesn’t Hurt

When you’re like I have been, sitting around with no motivation, it can be difficult to do even the smallest of things. But, those are the things you need to do. Why? Because you eventually have to kick your own ass and start somewhere! 

So, I did the dishes. Finally! I did them because I knew I should, not because I felt so guilty that I waited until they took over the apartment and my boyfriend had started doing them for me. No, I did them so I could accomplish something today. And you know what? That’s the second thing I accomplished today. 

However, even that wore me out and I was quickly back to feeling down again. So, along with realizing you got to do the little things, I realized you’ve got to give yourself a break. 

I took a quick break and did something I enjoy, repainting small things for the apartment. Then, I took a nap. A long nap. A two hour glorious nap. God, was it great. Well, minus the weird as fuck dreams. But, Those will pass out of my mind soon enough. 

You’ve got to be gentle to yourself when you lack motivation and when you’re not very skilled in the art of discipline. Sometimes, you need to take things slow, and that’s okay. As for me, I take things a moment at a time. 

My best advice I can give you is this, plan out three things to accomplish that day, take it slow, reward yourself with healthy rewards (nap, bath, cookie, etc.), and be proud even if you only tried your best to do one thing on that list. Because you put effort into it, and that’s good enough. 



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