But I Don’t Want To Be Sick

Well, it happened. The chills, the fever, the body aches, the exhaustion. Yeah, I caught the flu from my lovely boyfriend. Thanks, babe. Love you too. 

I wish I had some good advice for when you’re sick. But, all I can tell you is to drink hot tea and honey to get rid of a cough and if you’re addicted to coffee, keep drinking it to avoid adding that headache on top of everything else that’s hurting. 

This round of the flu is so super annoying! I mean, I’m thankful I haven’t gotten “sick-sick” but, this type of flu should be called the tease. Why? Well, you’ll feel like shit for a couple hours and then suddenly, you’ll feel perfectly fine and think it’s all over. Then, boom! You’re feeling even worse than before.


Let’s face it, I’m a dramatic little baby when I’m sick because not only am I fighting off the flu, but I’m dealing with the anxiety that comes with it for me. Having the flu means having a lot of the same symptoms as a panic attack. So, you think you’re going to be sick, but then you realize it’s all just unnecessary panic and so you start calming yourself by saying that it’s all in your head, you’re okay. 

Anyway, my boyfriend only had this for like three days. So, hopefully I’ll only have it for two! I just hope I’m feeling better tomorrow because maintenance is coming to the apartment and I’ve got to deal with two dogs. Fun times. 



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