How I Feel About My Boyfriend Meeting My Grandparents (Reader Suggestion)

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In about a week from now my boyfriend and I will be on our way to the beautifully humid state of Florida! I can’t contain my excitement for this, and all the wonderful blog post ideas I have! I’m excited to take you all with me. But, there’s one little thing about this trip, my boyfriend is going to meet my family! He’s already met my parents, but the grandparents, that’s a different story. 

My grandparents are my Oma and Opa. My Opa is actually my step-grandpa, I guess you could say. He married my Oma when I was around 10 years old, I got to be a flower girl! I was really excited about this, okay?

My grandparents have stepped up and helped me when no one else would. I had just moved back home from Tennessee and a few months later I was kicked out of my friend’s house. The plan was to move into my parent’s house but, that didn’t work out too well. My mom and I don’t get along, like, hardly at all. I was kicked out within the month and living out of hotels. Thankfully, my grandparents decided to fully support me since then. They’ve made it possible for me to get the mental health recovery I so desperately needed. 

So, how do I feel about my boyfriend meeting them? Well, honestly, I’m excited and not the least bit nervous! No, seriously, I’m not anxious about it at all. 

Reasons Why I’m Excited

1. He’s a total sweetheart (and he treats me well)

Never have I met a man as adorable as he is. He’d totally kill me right now, I’m sorry babe, you’re also a total badass. I love you. I know he will be kind and respectful. He won’t mind hanging out with them or even helping my Oma plant new flowers. Apparently we have to. 

2. They mean the world to me

I want him to know me, know every part of me. And my grandparents are a huge part of my life. I love them so much, they mean everything to me.

3. He means the world to me

Because they mean the world to me, I want them to know the man that means the world to me. I want them to like him, which obviously they will. I mean, no one could not like this man. I want to share my life with them, and he is the biggest part of my life. 

4. Florida means so much to me

I was born in Florida, I have family all over the state, and I visit every year at least once. I go to the same places, I have my favorite beaches, and I just absolutely love it. It’s like a second home to me by now, and I want him to experience that place. I want him to fall in love with it as I have. 

5. My Opa isn’t doing well

My Opa hasn’t been doing too well lately, to be honest. And I want to see him as much as I can. He’s a good man that treats my Oma well. He’s been there for me, and even though we’ve had our differences, he’s pretty much been my grandpa since I can remember. 

6. Steven hasn’t ever traveled, like anywhere

I can’t imagine a life without traveling. And I’m so excited to be there on his first flight somewhere new and exciting for him! It’ll be a great experience and I’m just so excited to show him a part of my life that I love. One of my biggest passions in life is to travel



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