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Ways To Brighten Your Day With Depression

Depression makes things seem so damn dark. Everywhere you look, it’s like gray swallows you whole. It’s hard to find the light in life again, but there are ways to find some color. 

It doesn’t have to be so dark and grim. I know how hard it is to see color again when depression has its evil grip on you. I also know things that let me see a little bit of color through the gray, even at least for a moment. 

My tips for seeing color again. 

1. Buy Pretty Flowers

Sure, this can be a bit of a waste of money, I mean they usually die a couple days later. But, the process of buying yourself some flowers and arranging them in a beautiful way can help you stop and appreciate the little things. Plus, it’s a simple way to literally add color to your life. If you don’t like the idea of buying flowers, go pick some if you can or you can go on a goodwill run and buy some fake flowers, they last a hell of a lot longer (and you don’t have to clean them up later when they’re all gross because you forgot about them)!

2. Sit Outside

This is something I ALWAYS do when I’m depressed, even if it’s 120 degrees outside. Okay, only to smoke a cigarette and get my ass back inside when it’s 120 out. Thanks, Arizona. But, the fresh air, birds chirping, and the sunlight do a whole hell of a lot of good for your mood. It reminds you there is a great big world out there for you. 

3. Drink Your Favorite Coffee (Or Tea)

I do this constantly, drink my favorite coffee. It’s simple, make some coffee, put a shit ton of creamer in it, and an ice cube to cool it down a bit. I’m lucky my favorite coffee is something I can make at home. But if your favorite coffee costs $5 at Starbucks, go get it. It’s worth it for a little pick me up. And those weirdos out there who love tea, nothing is better than sitting down with some hot tea with honey and sugar. It just instantly relaxes you. Go ahead, make yourself some tea. Or, go buy a fancy tea from Starbucks, you deserve to be pamper to you little tea loving crazies. Seriously, though, you e heard of coffee, right?

4. Get A Little Creative

I don’t care if it’s writing, drawing, or painting a ducking tree branch teal, just do something creative. And, yes, I picked up a couple tree branches and painted them. Judge me. But, it got me into painting small things I use to decorate around the house. Goodwill is a good place to find those. Hell, I even started painting furniture. I love it. Just do something to get your mind thinking and your hands moving. Even if you don’t feel any joy from it, the outcome will make you feel like you were able to accomplish something while depressed, no matter how small. 

5. Watch A Funny Show

This one is simple, just go on Netflix and watch Friends. Or Gilmore Girls. Or if you’re weird, something else. But make sure it’s funny, even just stand up comedy. Get yourself to laugh, or at least crack a half assed smile. Plus, it’ll take you out of the depression fogged reality you’re living in. 

6. Watch The Sunrise

I know, I know, who in their right mind wants to get up early enough to watch the dang sunrise? I only do it because I have to take my boyfriend to work and leave the house at 6am. However, there’s something so beautiful about watching darkness turn to light. It gives you hope that your own darkness will turn to light. It’s possible. 

7. Cuddle With Your Pet

Unless, you know, you have a fish. Then that’s probably not a good idea. Get yourself something furry. I strongly believe in pets, they just have a way of making you feel loved. 

8. Go On A Walk

I know, a walk won’t cure you of your depression like everyone fucking seems to think it does. But, it does help. Getting yourself moving is one of the best ways to defeat depression, it just happens to be the hardest, right? Take a walk, around your backyard, down the street and back, or go for it and go on a hike. Just noticing the world around you makes you feel less alone. And it gets you out of your head for a moment. 

9. Take Some Creative Self Portraits

This helped me a lot when I was going through some depression. It got me thinking, “how can I express what life is like depressed?” It’s a great therapy to give some visual to your depression. Use your phone, or your camera, but make it Creative. Even if you’re not creative, give it a try. You might be surprised. Don’t force anything, don’t fake it. And do more than take a selfie. 

10. Do The Motherfucking Dishes (sorry, I’m running out of cuss words)

Just do them. I know you don’t want to, hell, you may not have the energy to do them. You might even have to take a nap afterwards, but do them. Please. It’ll make you feel so accomplished afterwards. You actually did something to take care of yourself! How awesome is that? Breathe, it’s not as big of a chore as you’re making it out to be. And nothing helps with depression like a clean kitchen. 

11. Take A Spa-Like Bath

Come on, men. I know you like bubble baths, too! Just fill your tub up with water and get some bubble bath that smells good to you. I recommend lavender or rose, they’re the best relaxing scents in my opinion. When I’m super depressed, I go all out. I get a pretty bath bomb and I gather my face cleaning products. I give myself a simple little facial while soaking in the tub. Plus, washing up just makes you feel a bit better. And afterwards, you’re relaxed enough to crawl back into bed refreshed for a nice little nap!

12. Do Your Makeup Differently

Okay, so this one is mostly for the girls, but try it. Look up looks on Pinterest or find a makeup tutorial on YouTube. Try something new. Learn to contour, try rocking the black eyeshadow, or put on that red lipstick you never use. It’ll help you see yourself in a new light, and you might even enjoy it. Don’t look at is as another thing you have to do, no, look at it as having fun like when you were a kid playing with your mom’s makeup! Get weird. 

13. Wear Some Heels

Again, sorry, mostly for the girls here. But if you’ve got to go somewhere, why not try and dress it up a little? People who normally see you in converse will compliment you, and what’s better for your depression than someone noticing your effort? Be confident, rock some heels. You’ll feel like you rule the world! Or, if you feel absolutely uncomfortable in heels, rock your fanciest flats. I believe in you!

14. Get Out Of The Dang Yoga Pants (Or Basketball Shorts, Whatever You Wear)

Just change into something a little more put together. It doesn’t have to be jeans, unless you’ve got a comfy pair, but just try and get ready for the day. A little effort, even if you don’t go anywhere. I know I don’t feel like doing anything if I’m still in my pajamas. Put on some clothes and see how you feel from there. 

15. Or, Get Into Some Dang Yoga Pants (To Do Yoga)

Yoga works wonders for depression. Getting yourself moving and stretching is a great feeling. Plus, some people end up feeling more connected to the universe, their god, or even themselves. Getting mind and body working together is a life saver. Check out Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube, she has practices for anger, anxiety, depression, even period cramps. But men, don’t be discouraged, yoga is good for you, too. Plus, you’re at home, you don’t have to tell anyone you did yoga. 

16. Open The Windows

If everything else is just too much (I’ve been there, I am there), then just simply open the windows. Let the fresh air in and listen to the world outside. It’s calming, especially with some hot coffee or tea. Sit by the window and stare out at life. Appreciate where you live, seek for the beautiful in the everyday. 



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