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Cake Or Pie? (Suggested Reader Post)

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Cake. Cake is better than pie. Hands down, no doubt about it. 

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the real topic. 

So, what is the meaning of life?

I believe the meaning of life is different for everyone. Everyone has a unique purpose here on earth. For some people, it’s to become famous and inspire millions of others. For some people, it’s to grow up in a small town you’ll never leave and raise a cute little family. Everyone has a different purpose. I believe mine is to inspire others, be happy, and help in the mental health community. 

The biggest challenges for finding your life’s meaning is to find your purpose and to find out how you can be happy. Finding your purpose can be tough as hell. I’m lucky to believe I have found it at age 22. But who knows, my purpose could turn out to be something different than I think currently. Finding happiness is a little bit simpler in my opinion. Once you realize it doesn’t come from what you do or what you have, it comes from within you. 

Sure, my trip to Florida will make me happy, but it’s not lasting happiness. The comments I receive on my blog make me happy, but again, it’s not lasting happiness. What you do isn’t what makes you happy in the long term, it’s who you are. It’s what you tell yourself. Right now, I could sit here and see the mess there is on my patio, think of all the negativity surrounding me, and I wouldn’t be happy. Or, I can be grateful for the giant dog laying on the ground in front of me, happy I got to have Starbucks this morning, and thankful that on this St. Patrick’s Day I’m not getting wasted. Why? Because I’m happy with my life. 

I do believe that some parts of the meaning of life are the same for everyone. 

The first is to be kind. Everyone is struggling with something, and even if they’re not at the moment, kindness can only make them happier. The other day I saw the kindest gesture I’ve ever seen. At a stop light exiting the freeway I saw an officer get out of his cop car, reach for something in the back seat, pull out a box of fresh donuts (I loved the cliché stereotype of it all), and turn around to walk over to the man begging on the corner and hand him the box of donuts. He didn’t arrest him, he didn’t scold him, just offered him his box of donuts. The begging man rejoiced, he was so grateful. We need more of that in this life. Instead of wondering what that man’s actual intentions were, the officer acted out of the kindness of his heart. Something that stuck with me about people begging, sure they may not be homeless and there are other options, but at the end of the day, they’re still begging on the street. And that’s someone that needs love. 

Another thing we all share is love. We all have the ability to love and be loved. Love is what makes life worth living. Without it, what would be the point? What if you loved nothing? You didn’t love yourself, you didn’t love your hobby, you didn’t love your family? What would be the point? That’s such a dull existence. Love comes in the form of family, friends, partners, and strangers. Love thy neighbor. That’s something I strive for daily. Especially being a Christian in a world where so many Christians are full of hate and judgement. Love your gay neighbor, love your ethnic neighbor, love your feminist neighbor, love your homeless neighbor. Love everyone, damnit. This world is harsh, hateful, and scary. Everyone benefits from a little bit of love. 

And finally, to be a light in the darkness. Whether someone is in the darkness of depression, a hateful heart, or whatever, be the light they need. Be kind and be loving. Show them that happiness and purpose exsist. Show them that there is hope. Use your struggles to inspire others who may need it. Show them the world isn’t always so scary. Help each other out, we’re all here on this earth struggling in one way or another, be the light that shows them that pain does not last forever, there are moments of joy in even the darkest of times. 

Also, the meaning of life is coffee and cake. Even better, coffee cake. 

So, that’s what I think the meaning of life is. It may be different for you. I’d love to know what my lovely readers think. What would you add to the list that we all share? Or, what purpose did you find for yourself? I’d also love to know what you found to find happiness. Share your thoughts and opinions, I love nothing about blogging more than hearing what my readers have to say!



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