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Calm Yourself And Your Anxiety

The type of anxiety I’m talking about today is the kind that shows up for no reason at all and just. won’t. leave.

This isn’t advice for when you’re having a panic attack, but just that overwhelming feeling of anxiousness throughout your body. Maybe you’ve had some panic attacks because of it, but the feeling just won’t go away. It’s lasted for days, maybe weeks. God, I hope for your sake it hasn’t lasted months. Whether something’s bothering you or you just can’t get this feeling to go away, hopefully these ideas will help. 

Before I continue, let me say this one thing. I’m not going to suggest to fucking meditate or be mindful or any of that shit. Sure, it’s scientifically proven to work. And I fully believe that it does, for some people. For me, I can’t get my mind quiet enough to even attempt to try. I’ve tried several times, it worked once. And now I just have too many dogs to even begin to try again. So, if it works for you, great! Keep going! If it doesn’t and you’re tired of hearing about it, keep on reading my anxious friends. 

Ideas To Calm Your Anxiety Other Than Meditation 

1. Take a little stay-cation

Seriously, who has the time and money to take an actual vacation? I know I don’t have the money. If you’re wondering just how I’m going on an actual vacation next week, it’s because my grandparents are generous enough to pay for it. 

If you do have a little money, book a nice hotel room. I’m not talking a holiday inn here, pick the closest resort and book it for the weekend. Enjoy time by the pool, relax at the spa, order some damn room service. Treat yourself! 

If you have a little less than a little money, book a room at a normal hotel in a town a couple hours away for the weekend. Try and go somewhere new, or maybe somewhere with memories for you. Explore a little, get out and enjoy the fresh air. 

And, if you are like me and have less than a little less than a little money (damn, that confused me), take a stay-cation in your own home. Light some candles, make some fancy coffee, explore around your town, go out to eat, or have someone deliver food like one of those weird apps. Rent a movie and make your bed with clean sheets. Go all out! Maybe even disconnect for the weekend and turn your phone off! 

2. Face your fear

If your anxiety is because you’re afraid to do something, then do it. Face that fear head on. Believe in yourself. 

3. Read an inspiring book or blog

My favorite inspirational book is, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Or, you can read some lifestyle/self-improvement blogs. For example, keep on reading Positively Wild! A little less selfish advice would be to go on StumbleUpon and look in their self-improvement interest thing. It sometimes takes a while of searching, but I’ve found some pretty inspiring blogs to read. 

4. Take a damn nap

Anxiety means you are way too overwhelmed. So, take a nap. Escape the reality. You deserve it. Although, I know how it is when your anxiety just won’t leave you alone long enough to take a nap. And that’s okay. Try the next idea instead. 

5. Write it all out 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, or open the notes on your phone, or maybe even try it in a Word document on your computer. However you prefer to write. And then, just write it all out. For your eyes only, or you can share it with someone to help you process it. Just get it out, that’s partially why I have this blog. 

6. Talk to someone

Sometimes just getting the words out in the air helps. Don’t text someone about it, call them up, invite them over for tea, invite them out for coffee, whatever it is you do. And then, just talk. It’s so comforting when someone sits and listens to your anxieties. Make sure it’s someone you can fully trust. 

7. Self-help workbooks

My favorite for anxiety is the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. It explains anxiety in a way that you will relate to, and it’ll help you explain it to others. It’ll also make you feel less alone. Try some of the workbook activities. Sure, it’s full of advice like, meditate and eat healthy, but hey, those actually help. I mean, I wouldn’t know, I haven’t stuck with them long enough to see, but I heard they’re great! They also have advice for negative self talk and self esteem. 

8. Cut back on the booze

I completely quit drinking. Like, no more alcohol. At first, I wondered what the hell I’d do with myself without it, but it’s not that bad. Alcohol helps to increase anxiety, even though you think it helps. Ever notice how anxious you feel after a night of binge drinking? Sure, this includes some big lifestyle changes, especially if you’re anything like me. And the harsh reality is, you’ll probably lose friends over it. But, if they stop hanging out with you because you’re sober, were they really worth having around in the first place?  Think about it. 

9. List the positives in your life

Just go on and list some damn good things in your life. Here, I’ll do it too:

  • My God
  • My boyfriend
  • My fur babies
  • Coffee
  • My apartment
  • My soon to be house
  • My patio
  • My bed
  • Having a laundry room in our new house 
  • My blog
  • My readers
  • The furniture I repainted
  • Traveling soon
  • The warm sun
  • Extension cords so I can charge my phone outside
  • My succulent plants because they don’t care if I forget to water them or go out of town for a week
  • Early mornings
  • Cuddles

I could probably go on, but I think you get the point. 

10. Just be fucking kind to yourself already

Just stop. Stop with the negativite self talk, the comparing yourself to other, just fucking stop it already. Okay? 

I’m not the best at this, I know. I mean, hell, right now I’m thinking about how the little bit of a belly I have is making a great resting place for my hands while I type this out on my phone. Or, this morning on the way to the grocery store I saw a woman driving with black hair and gauges and she just looked so badass and I was all like, “why can’t I look that badass?” As I sit there in my green shirt for St. Patty’s Day and wearing my house slippers. But, I mentally yelled at myself, “no! Stop comparing yourself to others!” And then, I went about my day. 

11. Trust in God (or the universe, or whoever you believe in)

Warning: I’m writing this from a Christian perspective. 

If you’re worried about something like I was, give it over to God. I’ve never done this before. So, here’s a little story time. 

I was so fucking worried about having a place to live when my lease was up. Yes, Christian perspective and I said fuck. Guess what, I ain’t trying to pretend I’m perfect. Anyway, I was fucking worried (okay, I’ll stop with the cussing). See, I don’t have a job, therefore, no proof of income. My boyfriend gets paid in cash as an independent contractor, therefore, no proof of income. I have an arrest on my record (see, not a perfect Christian) for drug paraphernalia. Don’t worry, guys. It was weed related. And my boyfriend, well, he was a hell of a lot more of a trouble maker than I ever was. So, basically, we were pretty screwed. I was told the only way we would get a place is if we somehow convinced someone renting their own home that we were trustworthy. And with that, I assumed we’d be homeless.

One day, after a week of breakdowns, something in me decided to give my anxiety over to God. I had never seriously done this before, I’ve half-assed said sure, God, take my worries. But then, I kept on worrying. Well, this time, I didn’t. I was driving to pick up my boyfriend from work and I prayed. I asked God to take it, told him that I wouldn’t worry about it, and then just kept on driving. To help me stay in that mindset, I turned on the old Christian rock radio station I used to love as a kid. I listened to the words, they were all about struggle and having God take over. I felt relief. I felt my burdens lifted off my shoulders, I almost cried. 

Then, the next day I got a comment from an old friend. She and her husband used to be high school leaders at my old church. I always thought they were kind of badass. But, the comment was asking if we’d had any luck with our renting search. I told her no, and that’s when she messaged me on Facebook. Turns out, they have a little townhouse they rent out. The people living there now are getting their asses kicked out. Calm down, she didn’t actually say that, that’s just my little flare, but they’re getting evicted. And guess what, the house will be ready to rent BEFORE my lease is up here at my apartment. We did a virtual handshake and now my boyfriend, our two fur babies, and I have a place to live. All thanks to my God. We get to see the townhouse around April 15th, and we get to move in on May 10th. 

What are your ideas to help with anxiety? What has helped you in the past? I love the inspiring things my readers comment! Let me know!



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