These questions come from: Life Goals Mag

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Do You Absolutely Love Yourself, here are some journaling prompts to help you get to know yourself a bit better while spending time alone! I hope you do this with me, I’ll be posting my answers below. 

Journaling Prompts To Help You Know Yourself Better

What do you need today?

Either to be on my way to Florida, be moving into my townhouse, or a very large coffee. I’m just kidding, I’ve had three pots of coffee. I don’t know what I need, not much today. I need more time to finish this, I probably won’t be able to before we have to leave. 
What can you do to make today pleasurable?

Hang out with some friends. That’s what we’re going to do tonight. First stop, a meeting kind of like AA, then off to dinner with my boyfriend’s friends. At least, I think that’s what’s happening. I’m not too sure anymore. Plans change with them. I hate it. 
What does your ideal day look like?

Airplane, coffee, cigarettes, my boyfriend, the beach, a Bahama Mama, and some writing. Oh! And photography. Basically, every day starting next weekend. 
What time of day are you most productive? Why do you think that is?

Morning, definitely. I’m excited to start the day, I’ve got some regularly caffeinated coffee in me, and I’ve probably just taken one of my stimulants. 
What has been inspiring you lately?

Other lifestyle blogs I find on StumbleUpon. And Pinterest for home decor ideas. 

What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten around to it? What is stopping you?

I’ve always wanted to turn my blog into a business. I feel like I’m “not good enough” to do it. Maybe in the future, but right now I’m content how it is. 
What was the last scary decision you made? What did it feel like? Do you think you made the right choice?

My last scary decision was whether or not my boyfriend should move in with me. It felt scary, but also I felt calm because I instantly knew the answer, yes. I definitely made the right choice. 
What’s the last good habit you developed? How did you do it?

Blogging. Writing every day at least once. I started, and just couldn’t stop. It’s gotten me through so much depression and anxiety. 
What has been worrying you lately? How has that been playing out in your life?

My depression has been worrying me lately. It had gotten bad not too long ago. I’m worried I’m getting to used to my stimulants again and soon they won’t be able to fight off the depression anymore. But, this Wednesday I have an appointment with my doctor to figure things out. 
What is the last sweet gesture you made to someone else?

I cleaned up after my boyfriend at dinner. I try to do it every night, but sometimes he beats me to it. Just a simple little reminder we will take care of each other. 
What is the nicest gift I’ve ever received? Given?

The nicest gift I’ve gotten was from my boyfriend. For Christmas he got me a whole box full of Lush products in my favorite Anxiety-reducing scent, Rose. 

As far as given, I think that would have to be my boyfriend’s 2 year chip for being sober. I went all out and got the nicest one. I’m so proud of him. 
What is an idea you have for a sweet gesture? When can you schedule that into your day? (Then, put it in your calendar.)

Going with my boyfriend to his meeting tonight. I hope he sees it as a sweet gesture. 
What was your last date like?

Good food, same restaurant as always, loving boyfriend. It was perfect. 
What are the qualities you believe are important in a soul mate?

Compassion, loyalty, honesty, love. 
Do you believe in soulmates? Why or why not?

Yes, I do. But, I believe we have more than one. I believe there’s at least two, the one that teaches you something and the one you love for the rest of your life. 
What is a romantic spot in your town? 

Um… You got me there. It’s Arizona. I don’t know! 

Why do you find it romantic?


When’s the last time you used the word “busy” or “stressed out” about yourself?

Probably today or yesterday, I almost always feel stressed out. 

Is there a way that you could make things easier on yourself?

Change my self talk. I need to be kinder to myself. 
Do you believe in work/life balance? What does that look like to you?

Yes, of course. But, I’m unemployed so I’m not sure just how that works. 
What is one of the desires you have for your career? (Just pick one – it doesn’t have to be the most important or all of them.)

To help and inspire others. 

What does it mean to be successful to you?

Helping others and being happy. 

What have you been complaining about most lately? Is there a way to see that differently?

Feeling stuck or bored. And, I guess I could be more thankful for the time I have to figure life out for myself. 
What can you do for when you’re having a bad day? Write a list of things that tend to help you get out of a bad mood and refer back to it when you’re having a rough day.

  • Bubble bath
  • Writing 
  • Coffee
  • Taking a nap
  • Singing

What brings you joy every single day?

The love I feel from my boyfriend. 
What is an affirmation that can help you today?

Keep things extremely simple
If everyone could have more of one thing, what would you gift them?


What have you been watching or listening to lately? Has it been putting you in a good mood?

I don’t watch or listen to much, actually. I need to change that, at least the music part. 
How much time have you been spending away from the screen? What are some things you can do instead that would feel more rewarding for you?

I spend almost all day in front of my phone. I could go on a walk, take a nap, or write in an actual journal for once. 
Have you been feeling present? Why or why not?

Yes and no. I feel more connected to myself now that I’ve been blogging, but I do spend so much time on the internet. 


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