Get Motivated With Depression

I’ll be honest, I’m completely fueled by the strong coffee my boyfriend made this morning. Like, I’m so jittery right now it’s not even funny. Yay coffee! 

Anyway, it’s hard to get motivated when depression is telling you that nothing is worth it. Nothing has no point to it. I get it, I’m there right now. And if it weren’t for the caffeine making me absolutely need to be doing something, I’m not sure I’d even write this post. But here I am, giving it a shot and trying to beat the hell out of that depressive voice yelling at me that I can’t do this shit. Ya know what depression? Fuck You.

Ideas To Help You Find Motivation During Depression

1. Get Ready For The Day

I don’t care if you’re doing nothing but sitting on your patio drinking coffee and chain smoking all day, get ready. Oh, wait, that’s just me? Still, you get the point. Even if you’re staying at home all day, get ready. Even if you just put on fancy yoga pants. 

  • Shower
  • Do your hair/makeup
  • Get dressed

2. Drink Coffee

Or tea. Whatever helps you get ready for the day. Obviously, I’ve had a whole damn pot of coffee and nothing can stop me! Seriously, so much coffee. I need to be stopped. 

3. Set Small Goals For The Day

Just three simple, small goals to tackle for the day. Like, empty out half the dishwasher. Or, walk the dog. Just something simple and easy. Hell, once you get started on that half of the dishes you may even finish the rest. That’s what happened for me yesterday. 

4. Learn How To Be Compassionate To Yourself

Instead of being down on yourself because you can’t do as much as you could when you weren’t depressed, try being compassionate to yourself. Tell yourself things are okay. Remind yourself that you’re sick, obviously you can’t do as much as you could when you’re feeling well. It’s okay to have a day when you’re not feeling up to cleaning the whole fucking apartment. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. 

5. Think Of How You’ll Feel Afterwards

Whether it be going to the grocery store, going to work, or cleaning something, think of how you’ll feel after. You’ll probably feel proud of yourself for accomplishing something. Thinking of the pain of doing it can keep you sitting still hiding away. Think of how good it’ll feel to have a fridge full of healthy foods, earning a paycheck, or finally emptying that sink of dishes that have been “soaking” for a week. 

6. Make It Your Goal To Get It Done

Chances are, when you’re depressed you won’t actually enjoy the things you usually enjoy. But, some of these things still need to be done. Draw that picture, write that blog post. Even if you don’t enjoy it. Remember, think of how you’ll feel afterwards. 

7. Reward Yourself

After accomplishing something, reward yourself. You stepped out of your depression comfort zone, that’s a huge step! Go eat some ice cream! 


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