Ending Lazy Days After Depression

We all know depression makes it hard to do things. Everything seems like a giant mountain to climb and you just can’t conquer it. So you take days to yourself where you don’t do anything but binge watch Netflix and eat popcorn. And while that’s okay when you’re depressed, what about when the depression lifts?

The end of my previous depressive episode has been gradual. Each day I feel a little better. This is something new to me. Usually, one day I feel depressed and the next I suddenly have the energy to do everything I want. So, now that it’s a slower process, I’ve found myself stuck in this place of not being depressed but being too lazy to do anything. I say lazy because I know I can easily do the things I want to, I’m just so used to not doing anything that I can’t seem to kick myself in the ass and do them. Hence why I haven’t been writing lately. 

It can be extremely challenging to start doing things after depression. Your body and mind have gotten so used to not doing anything that you still don’t want to do anything. The past few days I’ve been using depression as an excuse, when really, I’ve just not wanted to do anything. I’m not depressed at the moment, but not doing anything has kept me down. Where I’m comfortable. That ends today.

Ways to beat after depression laziness. 

1. Coffee

For me, I need coffee to function. Coffee, coffee, coffee! But whatever helps you wake up and get motivated. 

2. Give yourself time

Whether you need time to wake up in the morning, or time to convince yourself to start doing things, give yourself time. For me, it was both. But now that I’m doing something, it seems a bit better. 

3. Say “no”

Those damn Depressive thoughts may still be lingering around. I know mine are. Especially when it comes to writing or cleaning. Just say no to them. Ignore them. Kick their ass. Whatever you got to do, don’t let them win!

4. Keep it simple

Start with something small and simple that you enjoy doing. For me, it’s writing so, I’m writing this. But, start with painting or drawing or whatever you like to do. Just get your mind and body working together on something. 

5. Stay small

You are still recovering from depression. Keep things small on your to do list, don’t expect to do anything huge today. I have one goal, do the dishes. 

What are your ways to beat the lazy days after depression?



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