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The Things That Tell Me I’m In Recovery 

When you start to slowly overcome depression, it can be hard to pick up on exactly when you’re in recovery. I’m used to the waking up one day and suddenly not being depressed anymore type of “recovery.” Turns out, that wasn’t truly recovery. But this, this is. 

Thanks to a combination of medication and my own strength, plus my faith in God, I’ve finally began recovering. Im finally on the right medication cocktail and it’s working. I’m starting to live life again. 

Things That Tell Me I’m In Recovery 

1. I Did My Makeup Today

I actually did it. I sat down on the bathroom counter and did my makeup. And it looks damn good! For the first time in MONTHS I finally feel happy with how I look. Not because makeup makes me look better, but because I beat myself up about not having the energy to put it on. 

2. I’m Doing Chores Around The House

I’ve got the washer going, dishwasher waiting to go, and soon I’ll have the laundry sorted! I even planted my new plants yesterday, and I’ve been unpacking. 

3. No More Netflix Binge Watching

I’m not laying up in bed glued to Netflix. Sure, I’d MUCH rather be watching my favorite shows than being responsible, but I can’t focus and sit still long enough to finish an episode. I gotta keep moving!

4. I Get Nervous Picking Up My Boyfriend

When I was depressed, picking up my boyfriend from work was just another thing I had to do that I didn’t have the energy for. Now, I get butterflies as I turn the corner to where I pick him up. The new shorter drive helps, too. 

5. I’m More Loving

I’m much more excited about love. I’m able to cook dinner, I can do little things to show I love my man. This makes me so happy because he deserves it!

6. I’m Cooking Dinner

Seriously, for the last 5 months I have not cooked a single meal. My boyfriend has done ALL the cooking. I felt so guilty as I’d lay in bed waiting for him to come get me for dinner. But now, I’ve cooked twice this week and I plan on cooking again tonight! 

7. I’m Writing Again

Whether it’s small posts on Facebook, or posts on my blog, at least I’m trying! Sure, the content may not be what it once was, but hey, I’m working on it.

8. Messes Bother Me

Our house is a disaster right now because we’re in the process of moving in. And it’s driving me crazy! There’s no where to put things, we don’t have a bed frame, I don’t have a desk, there’s no where to put my purse. It’s just a hot mess. And that bothers me. When I’m depressed, living in a mess is comforting. 

These are the things I’ve noticed so far. What are your signs of recovery? 



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