mental health

The Morning Routine That Helped Me Begin Recovery

I’ll be totally fucking honest with you, I did not want to do my morning routine today. And, I kinda don’t want to write this post, either. But, I’m making myself do them both because they’re good for me. 

It started out as an extremely simple routine and I just keep adding to it when I’m ready to. No need to push yourself to start a whole bunch of new things at once, that’s overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve tried. 

I started out as simply as I possibly could, a shower and brushing my teeth. 

As soon as I get back from dropping off my man at work, I have some coffee and then hop in the shower. I wash my face, my body (of course), I shave if I need to, wash my hair every couple of days, and I just stay mindful while I’m in the shower. I take a moment to lean against the wall and just let the water flow over me. I get out, dry off, and brush my teeth. 

Just yesterday I added the next step to my routine, doing my makeup. For you guys out there, it can be as simple as taking the time to do your hair or make yourself look good, whatever that means to you. 

I haven’t wanted to spend too much time doing my makeup yet, I’m slowly getting back into it. So, I do a full face, throw on a little eyeshadow, and a bright lip. I’m loving the MAC matte lipstick, it stays on and is super low maintenance. You don’t even have to touch up after you eat (most of the time)! 

Also, I’m not quite ready to put time into doing my hair just yet, so I put a part down the middle and call it a day. 

Then, I make sure I put on CLEAN clothes! I’m sure all of us get behind on laundry while we’re depressed. We’ve all grabbed the shirt out of the dirty clothes that didn’t smell and wore the same pants all week. I’ve been there. But clean clothes, they make us feel good, too. Today, I grabbed a light dress because it’s comfortable. Always dress for comfort until you’re ready to put the time into putting an outfit together. 

And the most important step, taking your medication. It’s so easy to “forget” to take your medication, especially when you start to feel better. You begin to feel as though you don’t need it. But, the reason you feel that way is because of the medication. Keep taking it, unless your doctor says otherwise. 

What’s your morning routine? How do you get yourself back into recovery?



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