Some Things Never Change


Right now, I’m sitting in my favorite seat in the world. My old “usual” spot at the coffee shop that I adore. I stopped coming here a year or so ago because I broke up with a regular at this shop. Yes, it took me this long to gain my courage and say “fuck it I miss this place, I’m going back.”

As I sit here, I’m flooded with memories.  All good ones.  Memories of the times I felt included, like I belonged.  Memories of laughter and drunken nights with a man who has since taken his own life.

It’s almost as if inspiration flows through inspiration just naturally flows through this space.  I’ve spent many hours sitting right where I am writing and dreaming of days to come.  My life is no where near what I imagined it would be, thank God.

So many things in my life have changed recently.  I have a boyfriend, I moved in with said boyfriend, I have two new fur babies, a new house, new medication, new problems, the same old problems, and a world of opportunity at my fingertips.  It’s nice to know that in this crazy world where things are constantly changing, there’s a place I can go where things stand still in time.

I don’t know what the rest of today will bring, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I know what Coffee Rush will bring.  It’ll bring me a sense of belonging, it’ll bring the old lady with her service dog, it’ll bring the old man sitting with her smoking out of his tobacco pipe, it’ll bring the same baristas time and time again that still remember my order. A 20oz white tirimisu, iced.

And, of course, it may bring my ex-boyfriend and it may bring along a few others from my past I’d rather not see, but the good always outweighs the bad.  It’s like coming home again. This is my place, and no one can take that from me again.



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