Even The Simplest Of Things

Today, I can say that my depression is a little lighter on my mind. However, my body still feels it heavily. I’ve noticed the physical symptoms of depression tend to linger longer than the mental. It’s probably due to my body getting too used to me hiding from the world in my bed under the covers. 

But today, today I’m stronger. I can feel it. Yesterday, there was no strength to be found and today I can feel it flowing through my body. My mind is prepared to conquer today, my body will just have to adjust. 

Still, this does not mean I am fixed. I still have to take baby steps to get things done. The simplest of things like moving laundry from the washer to the dryer terrify me. But it can be done, and things will get easier after that first step is taken. 

To all of you struggling with depression, take your time. Hell, I still slept in until 11am today. And that’s okay. If you don’t feel like you can get up and do something, that’s okay. Stay in bed. But the moment you feel that strength come back, use it. Don’t let it slip away. This is your opportunity to rid yourself of this depression. Seize the moment. Take control when you find yourself with the opportunity to do so. 



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