I Love My Life

Even when I’m down, like I am now, I love my life. 

There’s so many things for me to be grateful for. Sometimes when I’m struggling with a depression that keeps me locked away in my bed, gratitude is the only thing that keeps me alive. Although, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been very thankful lately. 

My boyfriend did so much work around the house today while I sat around and watched him. I beat myself up over this, “why can’t I just help?” The pain and guilt of not being able to get my ass up kills me inside. 

So, here are 10 things I’m grateful for:

  1. God’s compassion 
  2. My boyfriend’s love
  3. My fur babies
  4. Coffee
  5. Having enough money to buy groceries
  6. Watching tv with my boyfriend 
  7. A clean patio 
  8. Wall hangings above my coffee bar
  9. A roof over my head
  10. Someone to hold my hand

What are you grateful for?



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