When You Don’t Feel Worthy

As someone with depression and an emotionally abusive past, feeling unworthy is all too familiar for me. I constantly think I’m not worthy of this, or of that. I tell myself I’m not even worthy to write my thoughts, so why even bother getting out of bed? 

The thoughts are what haunts you the most. The “I’m not worthy of love,” or, “I’m not worthy of a happy future.” There are so many other ways these thoughts appear, but you get the point. It’s that, you don’t see the point. 

You actually lose a lot by thinking this way. You lose happiness, motivation, gratitude, love, emotions, healthy relationships, and you can even lose out on yourself. As you can tell, it’s a damn dangerous way to think. And it’s my favorite way to think. Not by choice, usually, but by habit. So, how can we at least begin to overcome this?

1. Practice Self-Care

Whether it’s taking a shower, forcing yourself to get out of bed, drinking a cup of tea, or taking a bubble bath, take time to love yourself. YOU DESERVE IT. 

2. Pretend That Voice Is Trump

I saw this on Facebook and had a good laugh but, it’s probably pretty effective. It’s hard to tell yourself to shut up, you’re lying. But, it’s easy as hell to tell Donald Trump to shut the fuck up, you lying asshole. Give it a try! YOU DESERVE IT. 

3. Think Positive 

And at this point you are rolling your eyes at me thinking, “oh god, here it is, the bullshit.” Well, stick with me, here. For every negative thought, come up with the exact opposite positive thought. “I’m fat,” turns into, “I’m beautiful the way I am.” YOU DESERVE IT. 

4. Positive Affirmations 

These sometimes work for me, but they work well for a lot of other, too. So, give it a try. My favorites are, “it’s all okay,” and, “keep things simple.” YOU DESERVE IT. 

5.  Seek Help

If you’re thinking this way, chances are there’s something in your life or mind that is not right. Go and seek help, be strong for yourself, it’s okay. YOU DESERVE IT. 



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