I Tried


My anxiety is through the roof right now.  I need my roofer boyfriend to come fix it, but I won’t be seeing him for another 4 days.

Why is my anxiety through the roof? Well, first of all, I’m in public at a coffee shop so, there’s that.  But also, because my love is on a business trip and this is the longest we’ve been without each other since Thanksgiving.  From the day we met we’ve been attached at the hip, I feel like a piece of me is missing.  I’ll be okay though, I’m just a little anxious about being alone for so long.  I miss him already.

I’m wanting to attempt to keep my anxiety manageable.  I don’t want to be crying myself to sleep every night.  I want to be strong enough to get through this, to be brave.  I’ve lived alone before, so I can survive, but I’m still a little nervous.  I know I’m not the only one that ever has to deal with this.  So, for those of us with anxiety, maybe this will help.

Ways To Survive When Your Partner Is Away

1.  Get Out And About

I know, it’s so  damn tempting to become a shut-in when they’re away.  Trust me, that’s all I fucking want to do right now.  But, I know that’s not good for me.  I need people.  People need people.  So, each day I’m going to a coffee shop to write and chill for as long as I possibly can.  I hope this will keep me sane and somewhat active.  At least it’ll get me to change out of my pajamas every day!

2. Make Dinner Plans

Going off of getting out and about, why not make dinner plans?  Call up a friend or family member and see if they’re free for dinner sometime!  Few things are more depressing than eating a frozen pizza alone with your cat.  No matter how cool your cat is.

3. Go Home, Get Stoned

Listen to me on this one, it helps.  So, if you’re in a state where its legal, or, if you know, you’re a rebel, smoke some green before bed.  Get an Indica strain and go the fuck to sleep.  Trust me, it’ll help you relax and fall asleep.  And if you’re one of those people who can’t eat when upset, it’ll help with that, too! (Don’t break any laws, guys. I was just kidding.)

4. Call Me

Have your partner call you each night to say hello.  It’ll help you relax knowing they’re okay and then you’ll be able to fall asleep easier.

5. Remember…

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Focus on how you’ll feel when they get back.  Pull through by focusing on how happy you’ll both be to be in each other’s arms again.  It’ll be worth it all.



3 thoughts on “I Tried”

    1. I understand the difference and I’m sorry for what you’re having to deal with. But I’m not complaining, this is a blog about my life. This is what’s going on. It’s hard for me because of my mental illnesses, that’s why it’s difficult for me.


    2. Stop being a douche. This isn’t a competition. 1)She’s not stating how her life is better or worse then anyone else. 2) it doesn’t matter how much time it is, when you’re not with your safe person, it’s torture. 3) this is her way of opening up and letting people know they’re not alone. 4) shut the fuck up you miserable, judgmental piece of denial. Only someone who is consumed by bitterness and hate comments like that. Keep that shit to yourself. Misery may love company, but she didn’t say she was miserable. Go to take your bullshit somewhere else.


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