About Me.


Coffee lover, dog and cat mom, girlfriend, mental health advocate, and feminist.

I strongly believe coffee is the reason for my survival.  As a former (almost) alcoholic, coffee keeps a drink in my hand and me sane.  I spend my mornings at Coffee Rush out here in Gilbert, AZ.  This is where I tend to write and create many things.  If I’m not here creating, you can find me on my patio in Mesa, AZ.  My idea of outdoorsy is drinking coffee on patios.  Which I spend the majority of my time doing.  Don’t believe me?  Just look inside my house, obviously you won’t catch me doing dishes very often! I’m kidding, no, I’m not.

I’m am adoptive mom of two lovely dogs.  Remington, or Remmi, a beautiful Shiba Inu/Chow Chow mix.  My boyfriend and I adopted him from the Maricopa County Animal Control back in January 2017.  Funny thing is, the dog moved in before the boyfriend did!  Our other fur baby is a cute little 5 month old Pit Bull Terrier mix named, Cash.  We also adopted him from the county animal control.  He’s just a sweet lap dog that is unaware of just how big he is.  No matter the mess he creates in the house, he’s our sweet baby.  I can’t forget our littlest fur baby, Kitty.  She’s obviously a cat.  The inspiration for her name comes from one of my favorite shows, That 70’s Show. She’s named after the mother on the show.  She’s a little fur ball of laziness and love.  She loves to give us little kisses and has the cutest, quietest little meow ever.

I’m also the girlfriend to an amazing man.  He is a roofer, and damn good at his job.  He loves it.  When we’re not spending our time debating about getting another fur baby, we’re hanging out together enjoying each other’s company.  He’s the kindest, sweetest man I have ever met.  While he gets on my last nerve at times, purposefully trying to annoy me, I love him to death.  He supports my dreams and just wants to see me grow and become the woman I want to be.  I couldn’t ask for anything better than him, he is it.

I’ve spent the last year of my life dedicating my days to researching mental health.  Partially because I find it fascinating, and partially because I deal with the daily realities myself.  I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and BPD.  I’m very open about these and my opinions on everything that has to do with them.  Building a career has been challenging, but I refuse to let these things stand in my way.  They will only make me stronger.

As a feminist, I believe in equality for all, not just women.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  Feel free to ask me more!

As I begin my freelance writing career, I long for opportunities to become a better writer.  I’m working on currently building my portfolio and am looking for many new clients.  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me in my life.