I Hung Out With Trump Supporters

Last night, I hung out with both new and old friends. And a good majority of them were Trump supporters. Well, two of them supported Trump, the rest just voted for the “lesser evil.” 

They were people like me. They were in their early 20’s and were raised probably about the same way I was. They stood in a group and expressed their opinions. There were those of us who had mental issues, those of us who were women, and those of us who were gay. 

I, however, decided to keep my mouth shut on the topic. I have very strong opinions, but I knew I’d get emotional. These people didn’t know me like my best friends do. They wouldn’t know that I had no intention of being rude and that the tears were coming from a place of social anxiety. So, I lit up a cigarette and just sat back and listened. 

A few people voted for him because they just didn’t want Hilary or, they believed that voting for him would be a wasted vote. Another girl and her husband truly stood by Trump’s policies and his ideas. They understood that while he may want to ban all muslims, he can’t. However, they did not speak at all from a social stand point. 

So, here is what I would have said had I chosen to speak up and say what was on my mind. 

I understand. I get where these Trump supporters were coming from. I get that a lot of his ideas actually lined up with many of us. Hell, I’m a republican. However, I could not ignore the media and social standpoint to all of this. It’s not just because he’s orange or has no political experience what so ever. Okay, that last part has a bit to do with it, but it’s because how his voice can affect a nation. 

Someone said last night that we have begun segregating ourselves. Gays are identifying as gays. Blacks are identifying as blacks. And so on. We’re finding our identities in things that make us separate. Similar to me, finding my identity in my mental illness. 

To me, this is a huge warning sign that his words have already created so much divide. Even the people who don’t want to be divided, are being divided. We’re not looking at each other as a human race all created equal, we’re looking at what makes us all different. 

While Trump may not be able to ban all muslims, his words create a following of hate. His words cause people to hate muslims. His words are causing innocent Muslim people to be treated differently. To be treated without respect. His words are causing hate towards all groups. Even the privileged white men are being given hate. 

Although, in the midst of all this hatred, I do see love. While many see this as a set back for women, I see it as a chance to come together and fight for ourselves. I see it as an opportunity for men to stand up for us, as well. Just because the president thinks it’s okay to “grab them by their pussies” doesn’t mean we, as a nation, collectively agree to that statement. 

I have seen so many powerful words come from the mouths of women. Those who are coming forward saying that this has affected them because of their previous sexual assualts. Women everywhere are standing up and speaking out about what we will and will not accept. And I think our voices together can be more powerful than his alone. 

We need to stand together, as a nation. We need to let the world know that we will not put up with racism, sexism, homophobia, and much more. 

Our next president has made fun of people with disabilities, has crudely talked about women, has sexually assaulted women, has belittled Muslims, and has made the average American turn to hate. Hate is not what we need. 

I am a Christian woman. Some of my best friends are gay men. I have family members with disabilities. I have mental illnesses. I have neighbors who are Muslim. I have neighbors who are Mexican. I have neighbors who are black. I have been sexually assaulted. I have been treated as an object. And you still can not even find hatred in my heart.

I do not hate Trump. I do not hate the pathetic excuse of a man that raped me. I do not hate the man that put his hand up my skirt while being told “no.” I do not hate the boys that have yelled out at me as I walk down the street. I do not hate those that have abused me. I do not hate those that hate me. 

I am a Christian woman. None of us can be without sin. However, Jesus loves everyone, He died for us to save us from our own sins. And He said, to love thy neighbor. That hate is equal to wishing your neighbor dead. My one goal, is to love my neighbor. As a Christian, I believe this is the most important thing any of us can do, especially in these times of pain. 

Even if you are not a Christian, what harm would come from loving each other? What harm comes from caring for one another no matter race, gender, religion? Continue to spread the love. 

Not all Trump voters are bad, some of them are just like us. Some of them hate the hate as well. To me, a vote for him was a vote against Love. But that does not mean I do not love you because of who you voted for.